Jill -Just another spoiled heathen punk (whysteriastar) wrote in __switchfoot,
Jill -Just another spoiled heathen punk


  • Icon dump Two.

    Second icon dump! Well, this isn't much. I just love Love and Death to death, *wink, wink* *cough, cough*. So I capped the first part and made…

  • 68 Multi Fandom

    [01-12] Christian Bale [13-17] Jennifer Morrison [18-26] Jesse Spencer [27-46] Jude Law [47-53] Sherlock Holmes Cast animations

  • 59 Multi Fandom

    Mods if this isn't allowed please delete this post. I couldn't find the rules. [01-08] Kristen Bell [09-16] House Cast [17-22]

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