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Even though this is my icon journal, I'm going to plug my MP3 rotation here, since so many of you have joined (♥!) and I don't really know where else to do it. XD So since most of you like Japanese pop and/or rock, I am going to advertise another piece of my pathetic empire. *falls over* XD Join if you like; I am currently taking requests. :)


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cold world.


You have somwhow managed to stumble across Sweet Thursday, my icon journal. Naturally, I make icons and put them up for distribution here. Very simple. I allow anyone to take my icons, as many as you like, whenever you like. Although, there are some rules that I'd prefer you would follow.

1) Credit for all icons and do NOT claim them as your own work.
2) Please comment when taking! It's nice to get feedback.
3) This is a Friends Only icon journal, so you will have to join this community to gain access to the icons. (Head on over to the User Info.)
4) I will make icons of whatever I feel like. However, I am open to suggestions.

As for icon content, I tend to stay within these areas:

Japanese music artists.
Asian music artists in general.
Video games.

On random occasion, I may decide to make different icons just for the heck of it. And this would be all I really need to explain. And, oh yes.

I encourage comments and advice on my icons. I know they are not the best out there, and this is why I would like to improve. Any help at all is appreciated and welcomed %100, so please to not hesitate if you are inclined at all to crticize constructively on my icons.

Thanks! ♥
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