jeff vampire

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why is it
that the girl
who has never cared
that she didn't have a boyfriend
gets one
after only two days of liking him
and the one
that has wanted one
for so long
never gets one
even when she's sure
it'll work out this time?

i'm not mad at anyone
i'm not even bitter
it's just
something to ponder.

hayden doesn't like me anymore
if he ever did
but i can just tell
i'm going to end up being
the only sophomore
that's never had anyone
to call hers
that's never been kissed
or loved
by someone she loves back.

i know it sounds like i'm whining
but there's so many guys
that it would make me so happy
if i could call them mine
ones that don't even realize
their appeal to others
that don't realize
they could have anyone they wanted
(well maybe not anyone)
but does someone need to tell them?
or do we need to
let them figure it out
on their own?
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