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I'm Emo Sweet Like Candy

You've got heart kid.
Now show it to us.

Stuff about you kid
Name: Violet.
Nicknames(if any): Purple.
Age: 15.
Gender: Female.
Where ya from?: New Britain, Connecticut.
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Got someone?: Yeah.
Show us your love:

Likes & Dislikes
10 Favorite Bangs:
+ Linkin Park.
+ Emanuel.
+ Sum 41.
+ Blink 182.
+ Story of the Year.
+ underOATH.
+ Roses Are Red.
+ Boy Sets Fire.
+ Taking Back Sunday.
+ Nine Inch Nails.

5 Bands You Dislike
+ Bright Eyes.
+ Mates of State.
+ 3 Doors Down.
+ These aren't bands but whatever--Hilary Duff.
+ 50 Cent.

2 Favorite Songs
+ Until the Day I Die♪Story of the Year.
+ Everyday is Exactly the Same♪Nine Inch Nails.

5 Favorite Movies
+ The Notebook.
+ Thirteen.
+ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
+ Pirates of the Carribean.
+ Anchorman.

Sweet Like Sugar

Name the sweetest thing you've done for someone: Well, I can't name one thing in particular because I'd be sitting here forever but I've got my friend to realize that chasing after he wants will always be for the best, even if he gets rejected.

Name the sweetest thing someone has done for you: Anything Colin (my boyfriend) has done for me would be the sweetest thing someone has done for me.

Name the movie that you think is sweet & why: The Notebook because it has to be the best love story I have ever watched. That movie made me cry and no movies ever make me cry. I think anybody would want a relationship like that except for the whole them not seeing each other for a few years part.

Name the song that you think is the sweetest & why: Promise♪Matchbook Romance because of the love aspect in it.

Name the sweetest candy: Reeses. =]

Name 3 sweet things we can put in our intrests: Josh Hartnett, jelly bracelets, and...glitter!

This or that
Cookies or candy? Cookies.
Milk or Soda? Soda.
Dresses or skirts? Skirts.
Sweet or sour? Sweet AND sour. No uhh both.
Boys kissing Boys or girls kissing Girls? Boys kissing boys.
Lime Green or Hot Pink? Lime green.
Emails or Snail Mail? E-mails.
Local Shows or Regular shows? I've never been to any so I can't tell you that.
Nautical Stars or Regular Stars? I like both the same amount.

Pick 2

+Legalization of Marijuana:

+Abortion I'm pro-life. A fetus develops a heartbeat from 6-8 weeks so it is a living thing, which makes it murder. If you're stupid enough to have unprotected sex then you should learn to deal with the consequences. If you can't take care of the baby, there are always adoption centers. If you got raped or are going to die by giving birth I don't think it's wrong to get an abortion but I personally wouldn't be able to bring myself to it. If you get an abortion, it's not like I'll hate you or anything, I'm just not a fan of it.

+Scene Kids I have no problem with scene kids. I think they're pretty cool, actually. I'm obsessed with scene boys to tell you the truth. I've also been called scene a few times.




+Teenage Suicide


Make Us Laugh:

What is your definition of Emo: I really don't have a definition for it because it would be nothing more than the sterotypical definition but if you put me in the middle of a crowd I'd be able to identify possible emo people.

Tell us something funny that has happened to you: One day in school I was walking up the stairs in school and then I fell up the stairs and my shoe fell off. I thought it was funny. This was in front of people that I did not know at all too.

Promote in 3 places or more

Say something nice about your mods:
+__wakeup_mylove I love your first mod picture.
+ravestars85 Tattoos and piercings are love.

Show us some of your art I don't like art because I suck at it so basically I don't have any.

Atleast 5 Pictures of you:


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