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Blog quiz


When was the first time you lost your virginity?
Did you write about it in your blog? Post a little of what you wrote here.

Who introduced you to LJ? When was it?
Post a little.

When was the last time you drank beer with your friends?
Did you have fun? Post a little.

When was the last time you had a fight with one of your family members?
Did it leave you scarred? Post a little.

What do you post and write about the majority of the time?
Why? Post a little.

Who is your favourite LJ friend?
Why? What interests you about her/him? Post a little.

What and when is the most fun you ever had in your life?
What did you do? Post a little.

What did your best friend do and say with you the last time you met her/him?
Was it special? Post a little.

Did you ever write in your blog about your sexual explorations?
Was it exposing? Post a little.

Post a recent pic of yourself!

What is the scariest, most non-sensical experience you ever had?
Where were you? Post a little.

Where is the furthest you have ever explored in LJ?
How was it? Post a little.

Tell us about your most favourite LJ entry ever!
Why is that so? Post a little.

Which is your favourite LJ community?
Why is that so? Post a little.

Which is the most daring post you ever posted in your blog?
Why did you do it? Post a little.

What do you remember most about that sticks to your memory until now?
Where did it come from? Post a little.

What is the most memorable post you've ever read or written since now?
Why is it memorable to you? Post a little.

Have you ever won a prize?
Post a little.

What was the last advice your father/mother gave you?
Was it beneficial to you? How did it go? Post a little.

What was your last romantic escapade like?
How did it end? Post a little.

Did you ever have a bad encounter with the law? (Break a law)
What ticked you off? Post a little.

What is the most sinful thing you've ever done?
Post a little.

How do you like to end your posts?


Please leave a comment before you take the survey.


Hello, how are you?

Hiya, What is your name?

What do you do?

How is your go?

What do you like?

Where is your mother?

What does your father do?

Who do you love most all in your life?

What does your mother say?

How is your pocket money like?

Where do you come from?

How do you learn to grow up?

Where does your heart go?

What beauty treatment do you give/do yourself?

What does your brother do for you?

Where do you go when you are alone?

Where do you go when you are lost?

Where is your house?

Who do you care most for?

Whom do you care most for?

Whom do you go to when in doubt?

Who do you love to sit with?

What do you hear when you are alone?

Whom is your best friend?

Who do you do the chicken dance with?

Where is your beloved salvage?

How much do you get from your pay?

How do you earn money?

What is your free spirited interests?

What is the fastest way home to your house?

Goodbye, see you around!

Please take my survey.
going up

(no subject)

What movie genre is your life?

You've had the same boyfriend all through high school till now -- HEYULL to the naw
You've fallen in love with your best friend (and him/her has fallen as well)
Danielle Steel novels are your favourite-- Ew.
You've had a secret admirer before
Your favorite kiss is the jumping on someone and kissing them deeply
You love flowers
You like pop and country
You dream about the perfect wedding
Red or pink are one of your favorite colours (the colour of the heart)
You've had a guy friend/boyfriend paint your toenails before for you
You base who you'll date on how they compare to romance movies/novels
Someone you never thought would fall for you has fallen for you before.
Total: 1

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