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umm I have a statemwent to make. No one has really followed the rules:

"♥[10] Now remember all of these rule and to make sure that you have read the rules...after every application put ?am i sexy?"

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[[4]]favorite color:black and yellow
[[7]]5 fav bands/singer:system of a down, saliva, slipknot, green day, metallica
[[8]]5 fav songs and who there by:toxicity-s.o.a.d, rest in peices-saliva, duality-slipknot, american idiot-green day, enter sandman-metallica
[[9]]5 fav movies:that thing you do, napoleon dynatmite, harry potter 1,2, and 3
[[10]]3 fav stores:hot topic, rave, ralphs
[[11]]one picture of something that you love to do so we can get to know more about you and what you like:
[[12]]3 or more clear pictures of yourself:you know how i look and im already a mod so idont feel like doing it =D


Hey everyone...thank you so much for joining this community...this community is a rating community i would type out all of the rules in this entry but why should when all of the rules are in the info page...i really think you should read the rules they are very important and if you dont follow them then you will be banned with questions asked! so yeah well pleas join, promote, and have fun...thank you!

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