Malcolm Ffarfrynardd, Esq. (ffarff) wrote in __super__sexy__,
Malcolm Ffarfrynardd, Esq.

[[3]]location:Melbourne, Australia
[[4]]favorite color: red
[[5]]Gender: male
[[6]]Orientation: Bisexual
[[7]]5 fav bands/singer: Interpol, the Kills, Joy Division, Longpigs, Crow.
[[8]]5 fav songs and who there by: How Soon Is Now? - The Smith, Transmission - Joy Division, Bang - Yeah Year Yeahs, Jesus Christ - Longpigs, Love Is a Deserter - The Kills
[[9]]5 fav movies: Zoolander, Discopigs, Ilsa She-wolf Of The SS, He Died With A Felafel In His Hand, Willard.
[[10]]3 fav stores: Au-Go-Go Records, HonourLulu, Polester Bookshop.

[[11]]one picture of something that you love to do so we can get to know more about you and what you like:
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[[12]]3 or more clear pictures of yourself:
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    Hey everybody it's Bianca/00_hugs_00 I got a new lj, so you can add me if you want!! Okay, just letting you know!! bye! <3 xx~bianca

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    [[1]]Name: Ashley [[2]]Age: 13 [[3]]location: Bama [[4]]favorite color: Pink [[5]]Gender: Female [[6]]Orientation: White [[7]]5 fav bands/singer:…

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