pigs_go_moo (pigs_go_moo) wrote in __super__sexy__,


[5]5 fav bands/singer:ummmm i dont know
[6]5 fav songs and who there by:dont know
[7]5 fav movies: elf, mean girls, blade, spice world, and thirteen
[8]3 fav stores: pac sun, hot topic, tilys
[9]one picture of something that you love to do so we can get to know more about you and what you like:i dont have any
[10]3 or more clear pictures of yourself: i dont have any


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    [[1]]Name:Callum [[2]]Age:24 [[3]]location:Melbourne, Australia [[4]]favorite color: red [[5]]Gender: male [[6]]Orientation: Bisexual [[7]]5 fav…

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    Hey everybody it's Bianca/00_hugs_00 I got a new lj, so you can add me if you want!! Okay, just letting you know!! bye! <3 xx~bianca

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