I'm burned by the answers I can't give.
Who am I and what am I trying to do here.
It's the only thing I never offered
But yet it still brings me to tears.
What makes it the lost picture
And who are you to be my life
Currently undertaking my passion
And creating my safety in the night
It's just words that you say so well
And I'm just a lost cause that you love
Sneaking into the present state of mind
Wondering what's good enough
And what if you're what I've been needing all along
A taste of simple humanity
Wherein I am not the ruler
And you really do care about me
I could be better than I pretend
And you could maybe make me feel more than I do
If I hold back all that I'm giving
Will you still talk about being true
My minutes always run short
Somewhere in the lapse of what I never had
I will give you more than you're asking for
If you'll just ask
And maybe I could be an uglier dream
Maybe you are my handsome white knight
Because you make me wanna get up in the morning
And you tell me I'll be all right
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PROBLEM! a really upset little chica right now because i found the perfect indoor tanning lotion...and guess what??? NO TANNING SALONS IN MY STATE CARRY IT!(when i went down to nashville on vacation i found it at some tanning place) And i can't even find it online!...if any of you live in the south....go to a salon and see if they have Tanology Potion 6 and the after tan lotion too...because i'll freakin be so grateful if you could ship it to me!!!
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Last night I went to The Laugh Factory on Sunset & saw Dane Cook & a bunch of other comedians.
What made my night was sitting next to Ashlee Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, Andy Milonakis, & Tallan(laguna beach).
They were like 2 feet away!!
It was awesome!

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mm talan is a hottie