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Girls Who Love Summer...

...Always Find Love

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This Group is for....
....Summer lovers
This group is for girls who love to share about their summer day, what they had did. I will welcome anyone who wants to join, I'm not going to judge you. All I want is some one who like to dream about a summer day or for a person who dream came true on this summer day. I want to talk about what guy you met on the beach and what seashells you found walking up and down a beach. Those will be the main topics, if we can come up with any more then I will be a happy camper.

I want people to do whatever they want but...Is for a person to be in this group and hate everthing it stands for because if that happens find another group, PLEASE. I am ok with people posting pictures, because I will do that a lot...SO its ok by me if you can do it. All I ask is if you give me your age, name, what state your at, and why you would like to join. You dont have to tell me where you live but I would like it a little more, its up to you but I must have you age...I dont want no 56 or 35 year old in this group (Sorry)!
~~~~~~Thats about it~~~~~~
*~I hope you will join*~
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