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dw; amy; when your heart was open wide

the 1000th icon.

khm khm. i'd like to announce that the 1000th icon has been made! it's this one: and it was in the last post :)

i'm soo glad that this community was a success :D currently i have 51 members and the community is watched by 97 people!!! plus there's lots of icons to come! and expect headers in the next post ;)
dw; amy; when your heart was open wide


I while ago I changed the community settings so you could only friend the community and not join. I'm not really sure why I did it, and so i changed it back :) Thought that would be easier. So maybe the people who joined before could do it again :) I understand if you only want to watch, but I just thought that I'd let you know.

oh, and as you can see, i changed the header and community icon :) let me know, what you think about them ;)