January 19th, 2007

dw; amy; when your heart was open wide

52 icons + 8 headers

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Some of these suck. A lot. Don't ask me why I posted half of these, 'cause I honestly don't know. But.. some of these.. I like. :) Oh, and this was also my first time to icon Heroes and Doctor Who, my new fandoms, so it was fun (even though the Heroes icons look horrible).

01-01 Everwood (Amy Abbott)
02-04 Emily VanCamp
05-13 Veronica Mars (seasons 1 and 2)
14-14 Kristen Bell
15-19 Smallville (spoilers for Labyrinth, I guess, if you haven't seen the Clana promo picture)
20-25 Heroes
26-52 Doctor Who (seasons 1 and 2, spoilers for Doomsday if you haven't seen it)

a.-b. Emily VanCamp
c.-e. Kristen Bell
f.-g. Smallville (Clana from Labyrinth -> the promo picture)
h. Doctor Who (Doomsday)


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dw; amy; when your heart was open wide

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Awesome new community!!


And well if you like my icons....

Lolz. The main thing is VOTE! Please. For anyone you like, it definitely doesn't have to be me :)
Please, it's fun!

Actually if you like my icons... maybe you could buy me a paid account? I swear I'd make icons for you forever.....

*feels bad about asking* :(