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Nothing better then love and service.


- name - Sandy
- age - 16
- where youre from - Born in Venezuela, but I came to the US when I was 3
- favorite bands/artists (other than RHCP) - The Beatles, Nirvana, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden. It's all a mix of 60's & 90's bands
- favorite song/lyric by RHCP - thats hard... My 1st favorite song was Can't Stop, it's what really made me fall in love with them. But then as i started getting more into RHCP I really couldn't pick a favorite song, it really depends on what album I've been listening to the most lately from them. So right now it would be... Universally Speaking :]
- and any other information you would like to share about yourself-
well my old LJ name is grungegirl1029 & this is my new one, so i guess i was already a member, just under a different identity. I also make icons, my old icon journal was grungegirl_icon, it's snady_icons now, but the new one isn't up & running yet. the reason i mention the icon lj is cuz i have a few RHCP icons there, maybe some of you are interested. Also if you are interested in the icon im using now, which i havn't posted yet you can just comment me here i guess & tell me you are taking it, just credit snady_icons for it. god i sound like such an icon whore :x

anyways yeah, rhcp is one of my all time favorite bands, it's probably second only to The Beatles just because I grew up listening to The Beatles with my dad.
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