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Because The Freaks Are As Good As It Gets!

(Conversation roughly transcripted - )

I overheard my housemate's girlfriend talking about her inexplicable crushes, and she was going, "He's not sexy, but (something something something)" and I said "Who's not sexy?", wondering if what I thought I heard would be confirmed. She said, "The lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I have a bit of a crush on him". And I'm like "Anthony Kiedis? - I think he's lovely! It's that 'sexy-ugly' thing that women like". She then started talking about her crush on a rather plain (but only in my opinion) English comedien and I tried to sell her my individualist, tolerant philosophy of sex appeal..... I know it's a bit of a semi-insulting term, 'sexy-ugly' but I would always prefer that quirky, freaky, vibe over and above men who look like models (not that I don't sometimes dig them too....) And they don't come much freakier than The Swan, for he is the ultimate individual and most watchable performer EVER in my opinion. So in that spirit, here's - 
Some words about a few of my favourite videos:

Aeroplane: This video is just so wonderfully colourful and I love that it has a swimming pool, plus the shapes that the synchronised swimmers make kind of work like art. I particularly love the bit where one of them spins downwards through the air on an unravelling piece of material. Also, Ant looks fine with his favourite invisible shirt and the long hair which he defiantly kept well into the 90s no matter how unfashionable it became! : )

The Zephyr Song: LOVING the hippy vibe which somehow looks futuristic as well as 60s influenced, love the dancing girl and the way the colours and shapes move in a way that really fits with the emotions that flow through the song. (if you think that sounds way too poetic and artsy, then bite me I won't apologise! :D    )

Fight Like A Brave: Loving the way the video never really seems to stop moving, the way they all look like they're having so much fun together, the bit where they're marching along with that big gang of people... And, of course, the classic moment where Anthony climbs on the top of that vehicle and raps through that megaphone thingy, wearing nothing but a skirt! (it's rumoured there wasn't even anything underneath it....)

Under The Bridge: I adore the the way images are layered on top of each other and juxtaposed with each other. Also love the beautiful appearance of the sky. On an artistic level it is very impressive but the things that make it different are also just enjoyable to watch.  Plus, Anthony turns himself some impressively different colours!

Can't Stop: Oh My God - the funniest video ever EVER! It really appeals to my love of wackiness and stupidity and it does it in a joyful, innocent way without the tiniest touch of 'sneer' to it. My favourite moments are the ones when they're throwing those chairs around and then later on for one split second you just see a random shot of those chairs on their own, just standing there, in dissaray. My brother laughed hysterically (which made me laugh even more) at the bit where there are three John Frusciantes singing the high-pitched 'Ah-aaaahhhh' vocals in the three bins! My brother finds those vocals funny anyway, so seeing them presented like that just made him lose it with laughter! It ends with the perfect shot of Anthony inside that wall; he makes it seem like a perfectly normal place to be singing! :D

Anyway, I think five is enough for now, will possibly post more at a later date.
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