ella (beleza25) wrote in __suckmykiss,

first post!

hey party people! heres my application post:
name- Ella
age- 18
where youre from- southern cali
favorite bands/artists- collective soul, beck, gorillaz, audioslave, jack johnson, violent femmes, tom petty, def leppard, etc. i dont have any exact favs except for RHCP
favorite song/lyric by RHCP- Sir Psycho Sexy and Animal Bar
other- i guess you could say ive been a fan since pre-birth, my mom is a fan and i grew up listening to them(the clean versions lol). Flea and John are gods with their instruments, Chad is a perfect match, and i could listen to Kiedis forever.
ill just give my default enlarged..

im new to LJ, created my account yesterday, so if anyone is interested in being a friend, befriend me!
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