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Hey everybody.

anybody going to anny good summer music festivals?? i just got my tixxx to go see slightly stoopid and snoop dogg on the BLAZED AND CONFUSED TOUR , haha, what a good tour name. im def going mostly too see STOOPID if you havent heard them yet, i definitely think you should check them out, you guys will LOVE them i bet. check out their myspace here

you should come hang out at the tour this summer. it's gonna be a blast!

sublimes always going to be awsome

so, lets just say i pulled an all nighter. with a little help from a little devil,To say the least. .
got a few very strange hours of sleep, in the morning. As i drank from night to morning.
i chilled out, and totatly just listened to sublime. Acualy, Date rape was the first song that came on.
Its common, amongst those who are sublime fans, but it truly is awsome and original song.

to be quite honest,when i was laying on my bed looking at my ceiling, and i thought of bradley Nowell.
This quote "thinking of how things were cruel to me".
Now, in a sober state of mind, things arent cruel to me, and i am cruel to my self.
Drugs dont make me feind, not having them do.
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how many of you have gotten everything under the sun? my mom got it for me but she's being gay and won't let me have it until christmas. is it as amazing as i think it's going to be? :D

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perfect example of why i love sublime:
I was feeling blue and threw on the second hand smoke cd...and now im feelin like a rainbow<3 I kno its corny..its gets the point across.
Stoned or not, sublimes amazing.

what do you gyes think about the whole 40oz. sun, as a tatoo?
I wana get it on my lower back above my ass. i kno its common, but i need a sybmol of my skin to show how much i love sublime!!

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Hey all. Sublimes my all time fav. band...
no matter what mood im in, sublime always makes me feel awsome.
I like to smoke pot...
uhmm and i like to party. i live in New York, was born and raised. And will make it out to LongBeach CAli!!<3 I want to travel. Add me if u love sublime as much as i DO.