storm in the form of a girl (theratmanknows) wrote in __stopthehate,
storm in the form of a girl

a friend and i are trying to plan some sort of anti-bush block party, tentatively scheduled for october 30. it would be in harvard square, and we'd have buttons and fliers and music [and a lot of playings of bombs over baghdad because i just love that song] and probably other stuff that we're trying to plan. so

>>>if you're in that area and free that saturday, you should totally come by and chill and enjoy our awesome funkdown.
>>>if you have any ideas as to how to make it fun and exciting [other than me dancing around in a tutu and John Kerry earrings] and get people interested, you should let me know, because if it sucks, it will just reflect badly on liberals, and i'd be really sad if we were the reason bush got re-elected.


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NO! I LIED! It'll probably be in Copley, not Harvard Square. word.
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