So this is the maintainer of this commminty.. I have been very mia.. for like a thousand years... its time to bring this back .. and have every one on here get close together again..

if your still on my community pls.. spread the word again

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Your Contribution Can Make a Difference!

I'm posting here because I truly believe that together we can make a difference to the quality of our lives and the world around us!

"No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind" - Napoleon Hill

Our goals, intentions, desires, and dreams can manifest easily and gracefully through the alliance of two or more people joining together in the spirit of clarity, contribution, gratitude, joy and serenity.

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this sucks dude

i don't know if anyone was participating in the day of silence last wednesday and no one posted this article so i thought i might share it- it's not the happiest article in the world, but yea, just read it:

Conservatives counter 'Day of Silence'

'Day of Truth' supporters believe homosexuality is wrong

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 Posted: 12:49 PM EDT (1649 GMT)

*NEW YORK (AP) -- Irked by the success of the nationwide Day of Silence, which seeks to combat anti-gay bias in schools, conservative activists are launching a counter-event this week called the Day of Truth aimed at mobilizing students who believe homosexuality is sinful.*

Participating students are being offered T-shirts with the slogan "The Truth Cannot be Silenced" and cards to pass out to classmates Thursday -- the day following the Day of Silence -- declaring their unwillingness to condone "detrimental personal and social behavior."

The driving force behind the Day of Truth is the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal group that has opposed same-sex marriage and challenged restrictions on religious expression in public schools. The event is endorsed by several influential conservative organizations, including the Christian ministry Focus on the Family and the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

Mike Johnson, an Alliance Defense Fund attorney from Shreveport, Louisiana, said organizers were unsure how many students would participate in the Day of Truth, but expressed hope it would grow in coming years as more people learned about it.

Johnson said the event is meant to be "peaceful and respectful," but made clear it is motivated by belief that homosexuality is wrong. "You can call it sinful or destructive -- ultimately it's both," he said.

The event is designed as a riposte to the Day of Silence, which began on a small scale in 1996 and is now observed by tens of thousands of students annually at hundreds of schools and colleges across the country.

Most Day of Silence participants go through the school day without speaking -- a tactic for drawing attention to the isolation and harassment experienced by many gay students.

Since 2001, Day of Silence observances have been coordinated by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), a New York-based organization that also has worked to support gay-straight alliances at high schools across the country.

Kevin Jennings, GLSEN's executive director, said he doubted the Day of Truth would gain a following and stature of any significance.

"The Day of Silence was an event conceived of by students themselves in response to a very real problem of bullying and harassment they saw on their campuses," Jennings said. "The Day of Truth is a publicity stunt cooked up by a conservative organization with a political agenda; it's an effort by adults to manipulate some kids."

Underlying the dueling events is a fundamental disagreement over the rationale for the Day of Silence. GLSEN and its allies say the silent protest is specifically targeting harassment of gay students, while the Alliance Defense Fund and other conservatives say GLSEN's agenda is to broaden national acceptance of homosexuality.

"No one is for bullying and harassment," Johnson said. "But that's cloaking their real message -- that homosexuality is good for society."

Echoing the stance taken by defense fund lawyers in several court cases, Johnson said teachers and students critical of homosexuality have been pressured to stifle their views while at school. They cite the case of a San Diego-area high school student, Chase Harper, who was disciplined last year for refusing to change out of a T-shirt that read, "Homosexuality is Shameful."

"We wouldn't have come up with the Day of Truth if Christian kids hadn't been silenced in the first place," Johnson said. "The public school is part of the free market of ideas -- if the other side is going to advance their point of view, it's only fair for the Christian perspective to present their view, too."

The Alliance Defense Fund is anticipating that some students who try to participate in the Day of Truth may be admonished by school staff. Its resource kit includes a hot-line number, with attorneys on call to provide legal advice about free-speech rights on school grounds.

Jennings said GLSEN had no ambitions to keep schools free of all criticism of homosexuality.

"There always should be a place in our schools for respectful differences of opinion -- we don't expect everyone to agree, or even to like each other," he said.

But he questioned whether the Alliance Defense Fund and its allies were committed to constructive dialogue.

"I don't think they believe in pluralism," he said. "They feel they have the truth and everybody else should buy into it."

According to GLSEN, 84 percent of gay and lesbian high school students experiences verbal harassment on a regular basis at school, and 40 percent experience physical harassment.

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Hi my name is Lesley, im 16 and from Ohio. I am straight but have many friends who are bi or gay. my dream is that someday everyone in this world can be equal and i hope it will come true someday even im not alive to see it come true. i joined this community because it made me happy to feel like i am not alone in this goal. i live in a place where people are accepted for who they are (for the most part) and i feel very fortunate to have grown up that way but i know that not everywhere in this country is like that and i hope that eventually every place will be like that.

a little bit about me: i love dave matthews band, moe., phish (bands like that), music, and friends. i hate george bush.

Another Newbie.

Hey There. My name is Sarah, I'm 17, Lesbian, and very much in love with my current girlfriend. I've joined this community, well, because I'm sick of seeing all the hate in this world. I live in Kansas, where practically nobody accepts you for who you are, unless you're one of those people who believe that anything that they don't understand just has to be a sin. I want to make the world a better place for everybody to live in, nobody should have to live in fear because of who they are or for what their views are. I believe that everyone serves a purpose in life, and that everything happens for a reason. Peace is possible.
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long time no write

SO it has indeed been a while since I last wrote..but i just wanted to say that for all who do not know, today is national coming out day!! We have a petition here at school to boycott a local radio station for playing Beenie MAn songs where he talks about killing queers and hanging lesbians. I myself have not heard these songs but i can already tell that they are causing at HUGE thing. I do recall this summer that a concert of his was canceled in Florida because so many people boycotted it for the same reason we are today....just goes to show you what some determined voces can accomplish

Love, peace, and sooooooul
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