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Photographs? [09 Mar 2006|06:51pm]

Tuesday was fucking AWESOME!

Unfortunately, due to a complete lack of foresight, my bloody camera batteries died as I turned it on and thus I have no pictures whatsoever of such a fantastic gig...

sockdog - because I am lame on many counts I only just saw that you replied to me - I would have loved to meet up with you, sorry :( Next time? :p

Anyhow the point being, does anyone have any photos from Tuesday that they would be willing to point me in the direction of or share or whatever? I will give you biscuits. And cake. Maybe with a cherry on and everything.
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[08 Feb 2006|12:51pm]

London Show

London tickets are finally on sale. Here's the link for Ticketweb http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=152225

See you there!
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[12 Jan 2006|10:09pm]

From the Stellastarr* mailing list

Anyone going to the London show on March 7?

Upcoming Tour Dates: UK

Feb 19 Reading
Fez supported by The Morning After Girls

Feb 20 London
Astoria (NME Brats show) with The Bravery and The Morning After Girls

Feb 22 Portsmouth
Wedgewood Rooms supported by The Morning After Girls

Feb 23 Oxford
Zodiac supported by The Morning After Girls

Feb 24 Leicester
Princess Charlotte supported by The Morning After Girls

Feb 25 Stoke
Sugarmill supported by The Morning After Girls

Feb 27 Liverpool
Barfly supported by The Morning After Girls and The Twenty-Twos

Feb 28 Birmingham
Barfly supported by The Morning After Girls and The Twenty-Twos

Mar 1 Manchester
Academy 2 supported by The Morning After Girls and The Twenty-Twos

Mar 2 Sheffield
Leadmill supported by The Morning After Girls and The Twenty-Twos

Mar 3 Dundee
Reading Rooms supported by The Twenty-Twos

Mar 4 Glasgow
ABC2 supported by The Twenty-Twos

Mar 6 Bristol
Fleece & Firkin supported by The Twenty-Twos

Mar 7 London
King's College NY2LON
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[03 Dec 2005|07:19pm]

[ mood | silly ]

Hi I'm new to your community and I thought I'd make an inaugural post..

I've loved the band for aaaaages but got to see them for the first time last night at KOKO in Camden which was completely fucking amazing!

I saw that a couple of downloads were put up a while ago which have now expired, and I was just wondering if anyone would be able to re-upload them? I would be enormously grateful...



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Stellastarr* at the Metro, London, 29/11/05 [30 Nov 2005|06:06pm]


The rest of the photos here:

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[18 Jun 2005|08:17am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey alls!
I'm new here,but I just have a question:
What's the deal with the new album?
Any info would be great!

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[06 Apr 2005|09:05pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

stellastarr* are awesome! i got into them a while back, a year or so ago, when i was given the album as a present. i was totally addicted and still am. i play it all the time on the way to and from work! still haven't seen them live though as i missed out on t in the park last year, but this year when they promote the new album i will most definitely be in attendance to a few dates. i also can't wait for the new album!!

if anyone is on the message boards (www.stellastarr.com/ssmb) i am vicki, if you haven't joined, please do as we are a happy bunch :o)

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[20 Feb 2005|01:56pm]

[ mood | apathetic ]

I love Stellastarr*. So amazing and so original, and if you are ever fortunate enough to see them live, they do put on quite a show. I met them, but the lead singer, when I asked him what was in the future for the band, he replied with, "I honestly don't know." *Nervous.*

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[12 Feb 2005|03:43pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Hi. I'm a newb and my name is Christine.

I recently discovered stellastarr* by happening upon their logo in a random person's blog. He wrote 'I can't get stellastarr*'s new album out of my head. I just replay it over and over agian on my I-Pod. I suggest everyone gives them a listen'. And so I did and it was the best listen I've had in a long while.

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[01 Feb 2005|07:45pm]

I'm new (ish) to this community (in the sense that I joined a while ago, but didn't know how to post to it).

I love Stellastarr* (especially Shawn), so, lovely community - if anyone wants to chat about the band, music, or anything Stellastarr*-related, I'd love to talk to anyone who's a fellow fan...you can e-mail me, or post, or whatever, but just thought I'd offer, since I don't come across too many Stellastarr* fans, and I thought this would be a good place to find them. :)

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[01 Jan 2005|05:50pm]

ah. they are amazingggg. love em love em love em. i want to see them. when will they come to seattle again. i hope sometime soon.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us



add me.

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my coco [18 Oct 2004|11:45am]
[ mood | constipated ]

Okay, I was on the stellastarr* website message boards the other day and saw a post about someone who found another different sounding version of "My Coco". I have the explanation which nobody seemed to have. The version is from the video game MVP Baseball 2004 which is actually also where I first heard Stellastarr* to begin with. In my opinion, this version is much better. If you can, get a hold of this version via download or borrowing the game from someone because it's worth it.

Stellastarr* rules.

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[27 Sep 2004|11:07am]

[ mood | amused ]


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[24 Aug 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

im new to stellastarr, i just downloaded some of their music when i noticed vespertine__ posted in a Raveonette community that she made this, so i checked it out!! Stellastarr is awesome...

They're pretty rad, does anyone know their venues that they're playing at now?

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[14 Aug 2004|08:41pm]

hey i am new here. i love stellastarr* a lot. i saw them in cleveland a few months ago and it made me love them even more. i got to meet them after. they are soo awesome. i plan on seeing them next time they come.
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[08 Aug 2004|02:41am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Just out of curiosity, are any of you guys registered on the stellastarr* messageboard on the official site? Look, i'm being an insomniac again! It seems I only post on this community in the wee hours of morning.

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new new new [26 Jul 2004|07:39pm]

hey i'm new. in the walls is my all time favorite put on repeat and bawl my eyes out song. noone has ever heard of stellastar except me so it's so, so nice to know there are other people out there...gives me hope.
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A Stellastarr* fix... [20 Jul 2004|03:12am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone. I'm a long-time lurker, first time poster. Also a long-time insomniac, as you can tell by the time. Anyway. Excuse me if this makes little sense, or if you don't care. It's 3AM and I craved Stellastarr* and felt the need to write about it.

I needed a stellastarr* fix tonight, because they seem to put me in a rocking mood. They're like an instant buzz, or something. Anyway. I searched the messageboard on the official site, and I started finding all these links to videos, audio, etc. I've been satisfying my obsession through this means. I found this video on KCRW.com of a performance they did, and it's simply awesome. Something about Michael is extremely attractive. I'm not sure if it's because he sort of resembles a guy i'm dating (his hair, anyway), or if it's the enigmatic background vocals he adds onto each song. He's just awesome. There's a lot to be said about Shawn too, with his awesome vocals. =D Arthur seems to not be wearing the asterisk, which is kind of sad, but he's rocking, so it's okay. Amanda is rocking as well, even though it sort of sounds like she's not getting enough air at some parts. I'm loving this performance though. I'm just totally engulfing myself in this band at the moment. I was also reading on the messageboard that they reply to e-mails rather quickly, so I opted to e-mail them from my least embarassing e-mail address and am now anticipating a response.

Anyway. That's it. I'm still watching the performance from KCRW. They're playing "Moongirl" which I was indifferent about at first, but I've since grown to like it, and I really enjoy it now. It's another one of my favorites. The long instrumental at the beginning is definitely a strength.

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[14 Jul 2004|09:53pm]

I have a random and possibly odd question:

Does anybody happen to know what Michael is singing in the background at the end of "My Coco"? I can make out the line "I sat this close to you" (at least i think it is).

Thank you kindly. I appreciate the help.
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[14 Jul 2004|10:51am]

Hello. I'm Lucy and I'm new here. I have loved Stellastarr* for a while now but only just found this place. I think I first heard 'Pulp Song' somewhere or other and it made me want to hear more! Well, that's all. Byee.
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