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11/25/06 09:47 pm - xhazey_eyesx

3/6/06 12:07 am - miss_delaneyy - stamped//leaving

I really can't handle being in like 7 communities and MODing my own.
maybe i'll be back.
for now, apply to electrikk__.

2/28/06 06:39 pm - _marilynnicole

Hey guys i have a new screen name i/m me if you want.

marilyn lykewhoa

2/23/06 10:15 pm - jennibee - Lets see if I get this right... Turn it up ?

Static love songs on the radioCollapse )

2/23/06 10:40 pm - xenchantressx97 - leaving

could get into why, but i think i'll be a little more mature than the rest of you.

2/20/06 06:39 am - omgz_ambulence - roughin' it!

Julia, Kristen, and I will be attending Highland Forest till Thursday. So don't expect any entries from us while we're gone.

2/13/06 01:13 pm - omgz_ambulence

wow this community is dead

2/6/06 02:34 pm - omgz_ambulence - Valentines day :D

2/5/06 02:59 am - _uhslut - its 2:59 AM.

i wish this boy was my valentine.
he called me cute. but he
has a gf. and lives an hour
away. :( he hugged me really
tight before i left the show.

and then theres my valentine as
of right now. who is also
so adorable :)

i just felt like i really
clicked with the other boy
(jason) and i dont know if
ill see him again and if i
do it wont be for a long
time. i always like boys who
live too far and/or have
a girlfriend. :( he was
amazing. soo amazing ♥

1/30/06 11:22 pm - omgz_ambulence - brian peppers


1/28/06 01:30 pm - _marilynnicole - stamped//theme...sort of.

Sand/Snowww?Collapse )

1/27/06 10:03 pm - omgz_ambulence - boner jam 03.

feel like postin' some random pics, since I'm wickid bored, and its like 1:03 AM.

this is the mod (mary)'s Brother Joe.

this is julia (mod) and kitty (member) at the townshop overnighter

this is me and my best friend at our semi formal

oh, and this is a drawing i did, it sucks; & has a crease in it, but what ever haha

1/27/06 11:08 pm - _marilynnicole - stamped//theme...sort of.

Umm, I would love to do the theme...
but I can`t. Sorry.
There is no snow in Georgiaaa.
Can I do something else.
If so, what?
Hahah, <333.

1/23/06 09:26 am - omgz_ambulence - SNOWWW!

1/23/06 09:11 am - omgz_ambulence

How is everyone doing? :D I'm home sick, so I plan on doing stuff to wrack up some points.
Hope your all having a good day!

1/20/06 11:51 pm - _marilynnicole - Turn It Up

[ static love songs on the radio ]Collapse )

1/19/06 06:19 pm - corruptions

I'm leaving.

Everyone that applies here is friends with mods or eachother etc...and get's defensive when an outsider throws her opinion out there. It's stupid. I don't like the people here, and I don't think I'd be active here at all. Which is probably a good thing since apparently everyone hates me. Haha.

1/19/06 04:11 pm - miss_delaneyy

Dear MODs...

Please consider being sisters with my new community, [Bad username: electrikk__&quot;]
It's a bit of a harsher rating community, based pretty much on looks and music stuff.

Rightnow we have like three members. It's auto accept/reject right now.
Which means you still need to fill out an application (short app, don't worry!) and I'm the only one who decides if you're in or not.

Image hosting by TinyPic


Pleaseee check it out.

1/16/06 12:01 pm - miss_delaneyy - stamped//question

ummm it said to promote on the promotions page...but I didn't see one.

Can I promote here? Or should I wait for you to put up a page?
I can promote you back and give you the link if you want...

1/15/06 04:28 pm - omgz_ambulence - turn it up

[ static love songs on the radio ]Collapse )
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