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Welcome to the Starfox Live Journal

"Greetings, Fox fans! So you want to know about my life, eh? Well, how long have you got?

"Ace Arwing pilot, hand-to-hand combat expert, puzzle-solver extraordinaire...you name it, I can do it. But, I have to admit, I wasn't always so multi-skilled. Years ago, I was merely the best Arwing pilot in the whole of the Lylat System.

"I had a hard upbringing. It was tough being the son of James McCloud (former best Arwing pilot in the whole of the Lylat System) but Dad taught me everything I know. If only he could see me now.

"Many years ago, Dad led the original Star Fox team (with my pal Peppy Hare and that traitor Pigma Dengar) to investigate Andross, a twisted scientist banished to planet Venom. Dad was killed in action but Peppy survived, and later became my trusted co-pilot and confidante.

"After I graduated from the Corneria Defense Academy, I followed in Dad's furry footsteps and took charge of the Star Fox team, alongside Peppy and Slippy. During my 1994 Starwing mission, I finally got to confront Andross and avenge my father's death.

"But Andross didn't stay dead for long. In 1997, I led the Lylat Wars campaign against that maniacal meddler, and whupped him for a second time, thanks to Slippy's new inventions: the Landmaster and Blue Marine.

"In 1999 I took a slight change of career, as a prize fighter! In Super Smash Bros. (and again in 2002 in Super Smash Bros. Melee), I stepped out of the Arwing and into the battle arena.

"It was there that I picked up some useful hand-to-hand combat skills, which have come in really handy in my latest mission, Star Fox Adventures. I'm now a hero for hire, and was roped in by General Pepper to help out the inhabitants of Dinosaur Planet.

"I admit that I was more interested in the money than being up to my ears in dino dung, but the prospect of saving an entire planet from a tyrannical lizard was too good to miss. Ah, fame...don't you just love it?"

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