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to fly away in the clouds above is my one true wish...

Well, this was going to happen sooner or later. I'd like to thank everyone who's been here when __springtime was still running, and thought our stuff was cool enough to keep on watch. I'm sorry I don't have any cool banner or anything, but this is just an update to say that __springtime is officially discontinued. The community itself will stay open so that the icons from our previous work can be seen / I have a resource post able to be readily update whenever, but there won't be anymore updates here due to a lack of interest from both me and Danielle.

So if you're still interested in seeing the occaisional update post from me, spaceworrier, you can check it out at my own journal and even add me if you'd like. I'll be posting there from now on. I'm not sure about galaxian, whether she might continue elsewhere as well (just let me know!)

I'm not sure how the whole affiliate thing will work, since it is my personal journal, but if you want to be affiliates still, just let me know and I'll work you in somewhere.

Once again, thank you memebers! It was a great 2 years, even if we were much more inactive than other icon communities.
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another batch

Kanjani8 [x8], NEWS [x12], KAT-TUN [x8], Golf & Mike [x4], Kinki Kids [x2], Tackey & Tsubasa [x1]
J-ROCK [x17]
AKFG [x9], FAKE? [x2], Ayabie [x2], OZ [x1], Gazette [x1], Phantasmagoria [x1], Sambomaster [x1]
UTADA HIKARU [x4], AIKA MITSUI (Morning Musume) [x2], YAIDA HITOMI [x1]
Kingdom Hearts II [x2], Final Fantasy IX [x2], Final Fantasy XII [x2], Azumanga Daioh [x1], Angel Sancturary [x1]
BI-RAIN [x12], SE7EN [x5], WaT [x3], Lexy [x3], Epik High [x3], SS501 [x2], JJ Lin [x1], The TRAX [x1], BoA [x1]
TOTAL: 132

Resource Post: click
Request or Affiliate?: click
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Kim JaeJoong 100 Batch: here
How to Credit: here

Basic icon rules apply. Credit spaceworrier / __springtime if taking; no editing etc. etc. blah blah blah. ayup.

finally, about damned time, eh? i ended up posting way more than i thought i would, which is a good thing. actually, i think this is my biggest post ever O_O but yeah, anyway.

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How to Credit

A basic tutorial on how to credit, because someone asked this before, and I'm not about to answer it again.

basically just go to the userinfo, and credit us like this:

And there you have it.
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(no subject)

HEY SUP SPRINGTIME CREW. Got some new stuff for you to look at today. Decided to not include the Bi-Rain, JE and DBSK ones just yet. For now, it is mostly Heechul goodness with a side of Se7en and stuff from icon contests I participated in & other junk I probably won't expand on. (Who would've guessed?)

Main Subjects: Kim HeeChul (Super Junior) & Se7en
Other: Lee JunKi, 1Tym, JTL, Vision of Escaflowne, Lexy, Hello Project (W&Aibon&MiKitty), Text, Koda Kumi, KH2, FF12, Eugene Kim, Bae Seul Gi, Yaida Hitomi, Death Note...stuff. XD
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Apologies in advance for x-posting. I also don't have the attention span to make as many icons as other icon communities, so I apologize for that too. I'm trying to pick up the speed in terms of how often I post, but it's not looking good. So please forgive me. Also, did you check out __springtime's snazzy new look? I still need to work out a few kinks, but it looks much nicer than the old crappy one we had.

Super Junior sidenote: Seeing how I amassed this before and around the time the car crash happened, I didn't manage to make any for the ones affected, but I will try to do them some justice in my next post. I just didn't want to seem overly insensitive >>;

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(no subject)

Main Subjects: Hiroki Narimiya, Se7en
Other: Eru, Se7en, Seo Taiji
Request or Affiliate?: click

after being dead for so long, here is an actual attempt at getting __springtime some more popularity! Oh, and for everyone who came here for Super Junior icons, I posted a whole bunch of one Heechul picture (yes I know shut up) in the previous post here. (I didn't post it mostly due to laziness but also partially due to shame).

i hope you enjoy these, and please be sure to credit (either __springtime/spaceworrier) when taking! commenting is nice, but not necessary. if you like what you see, why not join for more fun? i promise i will start being more active from now on.

also, sorry for all the x-posting. D: i tried to limit it down to icon communities only, but i decided it'd be worth it to hit up a few main ones too.

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springtime info, request & affiliate post

If you have any requests, questions or affiliation requests, you can leave them here. Keep in mind I will not always honor requests (I might stop doing them all together after a certain amount of time) and you should bring your own pic with you. Also, since __springtime is not particularily active right now, affiliating probably won't be put down. I'll put up a note here when I'm no longer affiliating or taking requests.

If you want to find certain icons by certain members, click on the tags. I'll compile a full list of all the tags used here to make it easier, but right now I'm lazy.

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Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, Se7en, Bi-Rain, Last Alliance etc.

Main Subjects: Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, Last Alliance
Other Cameos: Se7en, Bi-Rain, Otsuka Ai
Credit to: spaceworrier / __springtime
Requesting & Affiliating: info here
Warnings: Slashing of people, other offensive things, crack in general. You've been warned. No flaming, no complaining.

It's been a long time since I got off my fat rear end and posted! Ever since I befriended a certain someone, my sense of humour and slashing got more vulgar *glareglare@someonesgeneraldirection*. That and I like posting @ 2:30am. I tried to not overdo it on the Jaejoong and HeeChul material, but they're too easy to make fun out of it looks like I phailed. Nontheless, despite the sickening lack of Xiah, I hope you'll like what I've made. Yes, I know I re-use the same pictures a mazillion times, but pictures also say a mazillion things for me to make fun of.

I'm also really obsessed with the greatness called Last Alliance lately. So much love there. I thought I made a lot more Bi-Rain and Se7en as well, but oh well. P.S: Sorry Jade! I forgot to make BoA icons! Next time I promise RLY!!

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