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__spira__'s Journal

Welcome to Spira. Mind the pyreflies.
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Welcome to Spira. Grab a dress sphere, make yourself at home, and kick some fiend tail.

I'm your Tour Guide, Rikku. Pleased ta meetcha!

There are a couple of quick rules: 1) Don't be a meanie. No OOC sniping, no OOC fighting. If you're a meanie, you get a Firaga up the wazoo. But I don't think that'll be necessary. 2) Nothing over PG-13. Again, I don't think that this warning is necessary, but it's just to be on the safe side.

There are Dress Spheres for everybody. Go ahead and hook yourself up. There are 14 different Dress Spheres for your use. (A complete list with abilities can be found here, off to the right hand side of the menu.) Here's a quick rundown:
Thief (my own personal sphere. Dig the scarf!)
Black Mage
White Mage
Dark Knight
Gun Mage
Lady Luck
Mascot (this one's not recommended for the Dress Sphere Newbie. It's powerful, but so stuffy!)

The Dress Spheres, once claimed, will become modified for your personal use only. Sharing a Dress Sphere will end up making you look like the person you borrowed the Sphere from. While this may sound like fun, it's really uncomfortable. It can also cause some psychic feedback or something, according to Shinra. (Apparently, this is why Leblanc ended up tossing the stolen Sphere back to Yuna. It was giving her a migrane.)

So, jump on in! The water's fine.

Oh, and we WILL be playing Blitzball. Get your noseplugs ready now.