Has it been so long?

"Sir Auron!"

Auron's appearrance in the Besaid Isles may come as a shock to some. He's been gone from Spira for some years - there were rumors that he'd passed on in the final battle that brought the Eternal Calm. The rumors are obviously not true, as he's standing amoung them now, making his way along the sands of the island, seeing the temple in the distance.

He does not speak to most, though he does offer polite nods, and perhaps even the occasional smile. Instead, his words will be saved for those who live there - a promise to be fufilled. His feet lead him to the door he remembers, and he knocks once, then again.

"Lulu, Wakka... Are you there?"
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Thunder Plains : Open, of course!

There's nothing quite like the Thunder Plains. Walking through them is a test of both endurance and reflex. A continual frenzied bout of movement from safe spot to safe spot, for most.

For Auron, it's simply another day. He's spent his time travelling the Spira that he now doesn't really know, seeing the changes that have come from when he existed before, and trying to decide what part in the world he should still be.

Underneath the comforting overhang of one of the tall towers, he sits. One hand goes to his everpresent jug, taking a long drink - the other moving the blade of his weapon to place it point first into the ground. Upright like this - even if a stray shot should miss the tower, he'd still be less likely to get bolted.

This leaves him time to study the ever-turbulent clouds overhead, his good eye giving names to the shapes almost instinctively.

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This doesn't look like the farplane.. I'd expected something different, not the same world.

Shouldering his weapon, Auron steps out of the hut he'd found himself in, shading his good eye from the Spiran sun. Pushing his glasses higher on the bridge of his nose, he heads for the nearest person available.

"Oi.. How long has the Calm been going on?"
cut huh?!.

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Hello My name is Skyetheprincess just call me Skye for short I would have to say my favorite dress spheres would be gunner,songtress,and lady luck anyway favorite people would be Rikku,Yuna and Paine anyway I will write back ok.

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A big warm hand to gone_byebye, he gave us six more months of Spira. Thank you so much. When next I have some cash in my paypal account, I shall reimburse you. Just give me a poke here to remind me. (Lord knows I'm the laziest girl evar.)

Since our vacation has run down, and we now have six more whole months ahead for roleplay fun, I've got an idea that might help breathe some life back into this place. I think that posting descriptions of the areas of Spira, such as the Blitzball stadium, Guadosalam & the Farplane, the Thunder Plains, etc. under LJ cuts, might be a good way to continue this RP.

I think part of what wound the vacation down was the "timeline." Goodness knows I had trouble keeping up with it at times. Whereas a permanent location post would let people RP there in whatever way they want, regardless of timeline.

Let me know what you all think. If we do this, I'd love help from our talented writers in writing up the descriptions here. Even if you haven't played the game in a while, it's all good. Just write up what you know.

Again, thank you Ray for your generosity. :)

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Hey gang, I just got an email from LJ telling me that the Paid account status on this community will lapse on 6/6/05.

Should I go ahead and spring for further paid time? Or let it lapse? I leave it up to you all, but if we choose to keep it paid, I will pay for it this time around. A big thank you to gadgetqueen for springing for it last time 'round. Give her a hand, guys.

Blitzball, Anyone?

The sun rose over the Travel Agency. Of course, it wasn't exactly that bright and glorious due to the near-constant storm over the Thunder Plains, but it was time for plants, animals and people to resume the task of living.

In one of the rooms, Epona's biological clock told her it was roughly time to get ready for work. Of course, she was on vacation and didn't have clinic in an hour and a half, but those pesky clocks are hard to reset quickly. She found herself waking the unfamiliar feeling of warmth on her back and a weight on her upper arm. She slowly opened her eyes. Yep. There was an arm draped over her, presumably attached to another person who was performing wonderfully as a back warmer.

The memory of last night flooded back and Epona smiled happily. The vacation may have gotten off to a rocky start, but things were definately looking up.

However, her bladder had also woken up and was complaining about the amout of wine she had drunk last night.

Okay, how to I get untangled without waking Peter up?

It was a ticklish process at the end of which her bladder was protesting mightily, but fortunately Peter was a sound sleeper. Buisness was soon taken care of and Epona was contemplating crawling back into bed with the psychologist when a flashing light on the console caught her attention. She crept over and saw a notification for a text message...

To Everyone Who's Interested:

Blitzball lessons will begin at 11 am to accomodate those with hangovers. Be there or be square.



Epona checked the clock. Only 6:30. She called the front desk and ordered breakfast for two (with extra strong coffee) to be sent up at 9. Then snuggled back into bed with Peter to drowse until then.

((OOC: Okay, folks. I have no idea how to play biltzball aside from the fact that it involves being under water. Anyone who knows more than me, HELP! :) ))
Elysse and Tita

Meanwhile, at "base camp"...

Tita tched quietly, eying the recharging laptop. "Mawelling computer.. Deciding to stay behind for the time being was a stupid idea."

Elysse thumped Tita's head, scowling at the Gunner. "No need for THAT kind of language, Tita. You could always rush to catch up, even though, I like this peace and quiet." She looked around, seeing several people and smiled. Chocobo catching wasn't her cup of tea, but relaxing was, even if it was in the woods.

While the campers remained essentially in one spot, the chance of fiends were next to nil, but not zero. Elysse hoped Tita's actions didn't call them, seeing some of the heaviest hitters were off. She sipped from the cup in her hand, wishing that the others were ok.

Tita glared at the laptop. "Recharge faster!" She glanced at Eiko who was hard at work at what looked a hologram of the Cha Cha Maru, obviously tweaking it. Tita hoped she wouldn't need the improvements past the initial voyage, but she knew whatever the blonde'd cook up will be used sometime.

The Army was currently quiet, however if another Gisel popped up, and Elysse's dad copied his work, or his work was copied, it had to be stopped. Tita wasn't a warrior, but she had a duty to the younger blonde. She looked at the laptop and sighed, remembering what Epona had said on her own. Tita was still stuck on her father's disappearance and hoped to find him, but Epona said that might cause strife on the ship, and that wasn't what she needed -- especially with Nichol.

She looked at where the group left some time ago. "Hurry up you guys..."

OOC: Um...

I'm feeling really lost in the timeline here. IC, Gino just got done helping Rikku collect the runaway dresspheres, and he and Gambino are currently waiting on getting Gambino's sphere up and running. I don't feel comfortable playing Gino in any other thread until that particular scene is resolved; partly because I'm annoyingly linear like that, and partly because Gino's not going to just wander off and leave his dad alone.

I can't speak for Gambino's player, but I know I'd really like to get that scene resolved so it'll free Gino up to actually participate again. It's fairly IC for him to be avoiding the battles right now, but I'd really like to have him help catch some chocobos. *g*

So... I think I was gonna ask for some advice on how to proceed after having missed so much already, but I guess I'll find a way to make it work. ^^; So I guess I'll settle for gently reminding Rikku that there's a scene we still need her for.

Sorry if I'm being a pain. ^^;


"Ok, here we go!"

Rikku lingered on the outskirts of the Thunder Plains, holding her Alchemist's gun in her gloved hands. She took a deep breath in through her nose, while puckering her lips in distaste. She then started muttering. "Tuh'd mega drec. Hajan megat drec. E's hud kuehk du vnayg uid, E's hud kuehk du vnayg uid..."

She took another deep breath and waved back at the assembled throng of vacationers. "Ok guys. If we're chocobo hunting, we need a plan. Most chocobos show up in the company of fiends. They're... not the brightest birds in the flock. They're awful skittish, too. If you even look at 'em funny, they take off. In other words, gunners and fighters, aim carefully. I'll be luring them closer with these." Rikku brandished a fist of green leafy stuff, which smelled ever so slightly of lemongrass. "So my job is catching 'em. You guys with me, you're taking on the fiends. If I can feed a chocobo these after we've beaten off the fiends and before the birdy runs off, we'll get it for good. Won't run off after that."

Rikku started walking into the perpetual storm. Then she stopped and turned back. "Oh, and sometimes, if you really tick it off, a chocobo casts Meteo. If that happens, try to get out of the way."

The Al Bhed girl lowered her goggles down onto her face and set her jaw. "Let's roll."