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Speechless: Gravitation Cosplay

-Topics of Discussion-

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I'd like to welcome everyone to Speechless. ^^; Those of you that aren't already aware, this is the counterpart to the website: http://www.angelfire.com/anime5/gravitationcosplay
It's great to have you here and I certainly hope this little community becomes big and populated!

A few goals I have for this community are:
*To post cosplay pictures
*To talk about future cosplay ideas
*To ask for ideas, thoughts, opinions
*To have encouraging critiques for those who wish to participate
*To become/make a joint circle of friends between Gravi cosplayers
*To advertise comissions, costumes or plushies being sold
*To make a list of link exchanges
-and many more things.

I certainly hope you join, and when/if you do~ please make an introductory post so that we may meet you!

Thankyou, everyone!
-tohma_angst <3

[And if there's enough demand in the future, I'll open the community to all graphics such as fan art, icons, etc]

However, there are a few things I absolutely WILL NOT stand for in this community:
*Excessive usage of inappropriate language. ie: If all you can say is the "f-word" every other word... you're outta here.
*When critiquing; keep it positive
*No vulgar graphics. ie: porography, etc. Light shounen-ai is acceptable, such is the series.
*No dispresect towards anyone and their opinions, in other words, no flame wars. It's okay to disagree and state so, but it's not okay to start a massive fight.

I hope this makes everything go smoothly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. ^^;