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Hello everyone!

I was just curious if anyone in the Toronto area was going to the Anime Con this weekend…I’m going as Ryuichi Sakuma from Gravitation and my friends are going to be Yuki, Tohma, Noriko and Tatsuha so if you see us give us a shout!

-If this isn't allowed just let me know, I'd hate to be a bother >.< -
Kagene Rui

AX Photos

Hey, everyone!

Just found this community and I think that it's SUPER so we should keep it going! So I'm starting off my first post with my AX06 Gravitation Gathering pictures ^__^ (I know that was a long time ago ^^")

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That's all for now ^__^
dear het shippers


HI! I'm Hitome, and I just got referred here by Rei (see last post). I'm kind of thinking of cosplaying as someone from Gravi at AB2007. Possibly Kumagoro. So...yeah.



...I can't think of anything else to say. >.< Heh. Say hello, and I'll say hi back. ^_^
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So, yeah. Just found this community, and it took me about fifteen seconds to figure out that it OWNED. ^^ I'm fairly new to the world of Gravi cosplaying, but I had a TON of fun with it.  I went as Shuichi to Anime Boston 2006 in the yellow concert outfit, and I'm planning to go to Anime Boston 2007 as Shuichi again, only in the red outfit. 

I'll post some pics from AB2006 as soon as I get my film all squared away. And I was wondering, would anyone mind if I posted progress pics of my AB2007 costume? It looks tricky, so any hints you wonderful cosplayers (I looked through your pics. You guys ROCK OUT LOUD) could give me are incredibly welcome. 

Peace, love, and pocky,
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woman of grace [akiko]

Nittle Grasper Cosplay :D

Okie! Hello everyone :O I'm Freya and this is my first post on this community, though I have some friends that have been here for a while...anyway, that's not what's important, what IS important is SAKURA CON 2006!!! We did a Gravi cosplay at the con all 3 days, same charas. I was Ryuichi, and two of my friends were Noriko and Tohma, so we had all of Nittle Grasper :D Extended friensies were Shuichi, Eiri, Suguru, and Hiro...

But I have CON PICTURES!!! We were able to do a Nittle Grasper performance at the Karaoke XD Sung "Shining Collection"! Ahh, so many things to say, but for are pictures! Lemme know what you all think, ne? ^_^

Click the pictures, they're just thumbnails!

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take a glance and find nowhere

Just a lil question...

Not sure if this community is all-dead, but it's worth a shot.

Me and my sis are dressing as K and his wife, Judy, for Otakon. Thing is, I've read and own all the manga, but I've only seen one episode of the anime (the first!) and I think Judy is a manga-only character. Doesn't help that she's a rarely used character for cosplay.

Which doesn't quite help me when picking out colors.

Has anyone ever seen a colored picture of Judy? If not, any ideas on what colors I should make her dress and coat?

Seguchi vs Kitazawa - whizzy

LATE Otakon-ness


At Otakon, I was able to meet the fantabulous tohma_angst and we tore it up with our dual-Tohma's.

So, here's the late pictures of the Gravitation cast--my group covered nearly the whole series which was great. And yes, I got butt-raped by Mika. <.<

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