MisUnderstood Person

I came across this journal, this one person is talking about the journal user. Saying they aren't who they say they are. Why did they say that because this person cuts and paste articles and graphics? So what! As far as I could tell they cut and paste things that interest them. Who doesn't? I mean come on! We see something cool on the internet we want to share with our friends. A journal doesn't make a person. I mean really get over yourself. The persons journal is abstract it has just about anything on there. I love to go to sites that are abstract and controversial. I don't make judgment towards the user because of the content of their life journal. The person doesn't say hey look at me! I am my journal. They have their original writings and ideas on there. Stop being so petty. I'm glad your not policing the journal everyone would be crazy according to you, Lol. A person shouldn't have to change themselves to satisfy someone else's idea of them.
What do all of you think? It's so petty the person just doesn't get it.
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Jerry the Jerk

He cheated on my best friend and that's not right.

Anyway, this Jerry is a total mama's boy, and I am certain his mom told him to forget about my best friend. It is likely, that if he ever gets married, it will be to his mother, because he needs her brain to think.

People I Once Knew

So anyway, I used to work with thest total dorks until I quit to finish up school, but I'm not going back.

First of all, Lou and Florence define the term "inner city loser" because whenever they're not working, they're out getting smashed. Lou's girlfriend's oldest daughter is some slut who doesn't even live with her mother, and all five of Lou's girlfriend's kids have different last names. Not to mention I am sorry for the younger ones, because what the older ones are becoming and the way Lou and Kayla (the girlfriend) are. When I was there that one time, all the kids did was watch tv and weren't even allowed in the kitchen with the adults.

Lou has to make a dirty joke about everything you say, and claims he gets some every day, but someone who was satisfied wouldn't obsess about sex as much as he does.

And Florence is such a drama queen. Always having to let everyone know when she is upset. She really should go to the person she is upset with, rather than ranting to me, or whoever else. And last year she thought she was pregnant, but first of all, hadn't had a period in years, and second of all, said she hadn't had sex in months.
Kayla's pretty, but she won't be in about ten years if she keeps drinking and smoking. And once again, I have to say I really feel sorry for those kids. She screams and cusses at them, and I really should have called the child abuse hotline. Spanking and dicipline are one thing, but screaming, namecalling and cussing are uncalled for. She even SAYS that her kids are stupid! And the trailor trash losers own a home? I hope it was hard for them to get a loan, because as far as I know, she doesn't even have a job!

Now, Andy, the team leader, is a pompus idiot. He thinks that just because he's a team leader, he can throw his weight around and that he is God. Someone should knock him down a few inches...but...I am sorry for him, since, I did hear, that his daughter died last winter. :-(

Bill is a negative depressing moron. I can deal with the fact that he doesn't believe in God. But part of keep "religeon" and work separate is keeping non-religeon and work separate as well. In other words, if someone says "God help me" instead of saying "God helps those who help themselves" (and don't get me started on the ignorance of that phrase) he should just keep his mouth shut. Howcome aethiasts can say what they want, but Christians have to shut up?

I do wish Sherri would, though. Rather than leading people to the Lord, she is turning away. Has it ever occured to her that nobody wants to listen to her? What's more important to her? People's salvation, or hearing herself talk?

Tom's just lucky I don't work there, that's all I have to say. His head's so far up his butt, he doesn't even know what time of day it is.

Terry has made himself my enemy. A little word to the wise, never make me choose between a friendship and my husband. I have known my husband a lot longer than any of those people I worked with. We have been through a lot, and gone through tough times to help our relationship strengthen. Terry should have left me alone, instead of saying he wished I wasn't married. He disrespected the sanctity of my marriage, and thumbed his nose at his own, and for that, I will never forgive him.
Terry did tell me a few things that I never shared with anyone. But, I think his secrets are still safe if I share them here.
First, he was engaged to someone, but not sure if he wanted to get married. Apparently, this girl stopped taking her birth control and got pregnant by him. Not sure what she did about the unborn baby, but he went to some bar and met this woman and married her to piss this other girl off. He and the new bride had three kids together, and he was working two jobs, so she started running around on him, and kicked him out of the house.
He met his current wife, and they were dating, and I guess she cheated on him while they were dating, and got pregnant, but he raised the baby (his youngest son) as his own. But TJ isn't really his son.
I don't know how things are now, but he claims that Kathy is never home and doesn't like his children. He also tried to tell me that he suspects her of cheating. They need professional help.

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