Hallowhaus Issue #4

Finally, after a few complications with printing, the fourth issue of the Hallowhaus comic book series is here!

Hallowhaus is the tale of a newly undead girl, risen from the grave one Halloween night. She soon finds her way to the castle Hallowhaus, where she realizes she's not quite as alone as she'd thought.

Issue #4 contains 28 black and white pages of spooky goodness.

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You can - of course ;) - get yourself a copy of it at:
J'aime Zombies!

"Zombieland" Screening DATE SET!! ^_^ Come Join the Fun!! :D

Hey all! For those of you in the DC/Metro Area, I've got great zombie-related news!

"Zombieland" is being screened in DC, SEPTEMBER 29th, !!

The theatre has been solidified & the event is essentially thus::
  1. Meet behind the PNC Bank @ 1201 Wisconsin Ave NW DC @ 6pm,
  2. Walk just under half a mile.
  3. Meet up again @ the Georgetown 14 Theatre @ 3111 K Street, NW DC 20007.
  4. See a FREE SCREENING of "ZOMBIELAND" before it officially breaks in theatres!
Zombies get in free, so be there, or be dinner! ^_^

E-mail w/your full name, and those of all additional guests. :)

For zombie-related tips and more info, check out their official Facebook page here:
And find other "Zombieland" walks around the country at:

Hope to see you all there!
*Zombie Love*
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St Patties: Fuck the Luck

Pirate Day Icons

Arr! Avast me hearties and a good "Talk-Like-Ye-Pirate" Day to all!

1. Save to your own server.
2. Please comment if taking. (Optional but loved!)
3. Please credit either noirraven or fragitall for both icons and bases.
How to credit

Sorry, that all there be for now. I must get back to pixelin' my Halloween stock. Til then me hearties!
Pillage and plunder and all that jazz!
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Surprised Me

Assembly Inquiry

Hey all!  I got a quick question for y'all:  Would anyone happen to have the crashed witch door hanging pictured in this link?  I got her a few years ago, but due to multiple moves I've lost her instrux.  I've got everything assembled myself atm but the actual putting together of the two main pieces of framwork and X attachment that make up her body.  Would anyone happen to know how to put these two armitures together, or where I can find the direx?  Thanks! ^_^
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