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The school,

of the Gallant Tigers!

South High, A RP.
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Welcome to the school of the Gallant Tigers!
South Highschool

۶Must be 14 years old or older; Unless we really like you.
۶Please keep OOC and IC seprate. Use brackets in chats. Like [] {} () - -.
۶PLEASE keep your storylines realistic. People dont get engaged after a week of knowning eachother, Unless its an impulse thing. Also, Pregnancys last for 9 WEEKS, 1 week per month.
۶ Youve made it this far! Please put 'I'm two quarters and a heart down' in the subject line of your application
۶ You must update atleast twice every two weeks. We know schools starting and everything, But its been done before. Belive me.
۶ You must be on aim for 3 hours a week. Thats not alot, so dont complain.
۶ You must have 3 icons, and they must be credited. Its not hard to find icons of your PB's, and if you cant find one ask a mod. We'd be glad to help.
۶ Please credit your layouts also. Alot of us here are graphic makers, we'd hate to see our good work go to waste.
۶ Dont start any OOC drama, This isent jerry springer
۶ IC drama is great! The more the merrier.
۶ When asked if you have read the rules, please put 'And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds'