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This Really Burns Me Up...

So Gather Round, Folks, and Unleash the Fury

--Annoyances and Rants? Sound Off--
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Welcome to SoundOff, a place to let off a little steam about the things that just get under your skin...or if you just need to vent about something to clear your head, this is a good spot. I'm hoping this community grows quickly and stays active, because there's quite a shortage of ranting communities on this site that are still alive and kickin'. I'm hoping to be able to keep things very lax here (we all know and don't exactly care for some mods going above and beyond the normal rules!), but I've got just a few rules and regulations to maintain the groove:

1. Respect your fellow members. Can't stress this enough. I don't want to see any kind of hostility in posts or notes, no petty internet brawls allowed. I would hope that we're all past elementary school age and can keep a peaceable co-existence without inciting unnecessary drama. If you're caught pickin' a fight, you'll be sent packing.

2. No kind of discrimination will be tolerated. This means due to one's race, origin, sexual orientation, employment, residency...you get the picture. This also means no racial slurs or bashing allowed in posts. It's just not right. Can't advocate it.

3. Try to avoid generalizations which might be percieved or deemed unfair. An example would be a statement such as, "why do squirrels suck so bad?" or "all Chicken Lickins in this country are disgusting shitholes." Be specific so we avoid saying something that might stir up a hornet's nest.

4. Profanity, sure go right on ahead. I don't care. So long as you don't compose an entry completely full of "shit fuck shit fuck..." I think people can deal.

5. LJ cuts: not necessary, use 'em if you like to, but really I couldn't care less about whether or not an entry's too big to post on the regular forum.

Remember, opinions are just that. We're all entitled to our own, and should be able to respect each others'.

And that's about that, folks. It's bitchin' time...