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What an asshole.

Their is no other word to describe this guy. What a fucking waste of a good education. tozetre should really be another Albertan redneck, working on an oilfield in the back ass of nowhere. But no, he has pretensions of fucking grandeur; he thinks, EVEN THOUGH HE'S A FUCKING THEOLOGY STUDENT, that he KNOWS about Canadian politics. Then again, this fucking asshole has an opinion on EVERYTHING. And boy fucking howdy, does he ever like to give it. And I know, i *KNOW* I shouldn't let it get to me, but every time I read the shit he spews, all I do is see red. And I respond. And he does, and then I do, and the whole fucking cycle starts again. It gets me so that I feel ill, I get so angry. I just wish he'd shut the fuck up; because I refuse to back down - it's a matter of principle. Let him do the backing down; he thinks he knows so fucking much, he should know when he's totally out of his depth. And most of the time, I think he is. I think he likes to hear the sound of his own voice; I think that he would be a lousy person to meet in person. I think he is the worst person I've ever come across, and I've never met him in person. But I hope I never fucking do, because one of us would end up in hospital...or the fucking morgue.

What an asshole.
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As to why I ever get into a political debate with tozetre, I have not a clue. He calls himself an academic; and he must be, given his willful ignorance of the more pragmatical aspects of politics. He seems to think that they should all work on moral systems that're as pure as the driven fucking snow - and if he could do that, they'd be nailing him to the next cross. He hates the Liberals with a passion bodering on that IS lunacy; but, given the opportunity to do so, he singularly fails to make any attempt to defend any other party. He repeatedly says that his home province doesn't matter in electoral terms, yet sits there and bitches like someone shot him in the balls, every chance he gets - and of course, disdains voting as something below his 'noble' stature.

Well, you know what? He can go fuck himself. He only wants to listen to his own voice. But if he EVER thinks that I'm going to back down...well, I'm thinking "snowball's chance in hell".

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The Goddamn DMV!!!

Tomorrow, i plan on going to the DMV. nevermind that i've been there three times already just to get a new license, now i have to get new tags for my car. goddamn, i am not looking forward to this. i plan on waking up an hour before the place opens just to wait at the door so i dont have to deal with lines and hours of waiting. even though, i predict some sort of bureaucracy failure that will send me into an uncontrollable fit of fiery rage that will only end in me getting absolutely nothing accomplished only to return again another day in the future. holy shit this fuckin sucks.
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Fucking technology. Sometimes, I really wonder about the claim that it makes our lives easier.

Today, I tried to apply for a job online. Never mind that the deadline had already passed, and I hadn't seen it until now (gaddamn it), but I figured that I should send it in anyhow, and try.

Cue twenty to thirty minutes of the most FRUSTRATING shit I have ever had to deal with online. I try to get the address of the person dealing with the applications; they have it set up so that you click on their name, and a window comes up, with an email program ready to send the message. Only it isn't working. Also, you can't find the address anywhere else. So I try reloading the page - nothing. I try using another browser - nothing. Screaming by this point, I try the phone number that's listed - busy. By this point, I'm so pissed, I'm punching whatever inanimate objects are nearest to me, just so I don't have to find a person. After damn near thirty minutes, I finally get someone on the phone, and I get the address. For a job that's already off the market. Fuuuuuuck...

I mean, why didn't they just list the fucking address in full, right there on the page? Is that so hard to do? What, they think they're going to get prank calls? Terrorists? They think some psycho fundamentalist is goint to try to bring down society by getting a job at Inland fucking Revenue? Is that it? They think the fucking world is going to come to an end just because one faceless government employee puts their full mail address on the Net?

Fucking idiots.
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I REALLY REALLY don't like it when I'm sitting down trying to eat lunch and a girl a few seats down from me is bitching at the top of her lungs how she feels sick and wants to go to the hospital and hates her life right now... because she was dumb and got drunk at a party last night. It doesn't help that I'm kind of sick anyway. >.


new to this group. :)

well, here is my first rant:

I swear there are times that I wish I could reach through the computer and break the face of the person at the other end.

Don't you think the number of assaults in this country would skyrocket?

Well I would be in jail.

*** Disclaimer****
This post isn't directed towards anyone here. It is just a rant in reference to another message board where I post often, and to the anonymous asshole who left a fucked up comment in my journal, who is probably from said message board. FUCKING ASSHOLES I HATE THEM ALL!!!! Mind your own fucking business and if you don't like what I have to say then ignore my journal you asshat!!!!

thank you. that is all.

P.S. I am also sick of having to ask "which Jennifer" everytime someone asks for jennifer here. The fact that said jennifers never identify themselves when leaving messages for these people who are calling them, or on the documents they are sending. Both jennifers are the assistants to the same person so the caller saying: "Oh, Sally's assistant" doesn't clarify anything!!!!!!!!

GAHHHHH I hate this office.

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i am so agravated! or however the fuck u spell it... i am so pissed. not pissed, but miffed... what does that even mean? we had this all planned out, the week we would go on vacation together. me and his family! one of my best fucking friends and i havent seen him forever. i thought everything was set, so our family planned around it. now he is saying that he is going 2 weeks sooner! ahhhh. i dont know if this will work or not.... this makes me so overwhelmed. i will do anything to see ben, but now im screwing everything up.
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hey. im gonna change up my personal el jay a bit... write more in that... so if you wanna friend me that would be cool. i love comments... tell me about urself.

ps. how do you go about putting a layout into your el jay? im computer illiterate!
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how do you go about talking to a mute

that you dont even know

but in a weird way

you are attracted to...
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