siennasnape (siennasnape) wrote in __soundoff__,

Got to rant before I lose my mind!!!

Hope you all don't mind but I had to get this off my chest! Its driving me crazy!

Ok here's the whole situation. Its family.  And I'm caught in the middle as usual. *grumbles*  Aunt gets snappy at my mom for her asking about a painting that belonged to my mom first when she was at least 4 years old and she was a baby.  Grandma gives aunt the picture (Which starts the whole mess) without realizing what she's started.  Aunt doesn't apologize to mom for raising her voice. Instead she twists the conversation around to her friends making it look like mom is the bad guy.  Now sister is involved and she's upset at mom and me. I'm upset with her.  So I'm not talking to her for awhile until she cools down. *Takes after dad*
Niece is upset with mom just because she told her to cancel the picture but she also told her stuff that went on between her and aunt.  Sister needs a good swift kick in the butt.  Ok I feel better now.  Wish I was an only child.

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