siennasnape (siennasnape) wrote in __soundoff__,

new to community!

  New to the community! I was surprised to find a lj just for rants! Cool! Well I got a doosie for ya.
Ok, sometimes I take my lunch to work. And then I change my mind about not wanting to eat it and ask what the others were doing for lunch. Well some people got offended. Let's say A and B and then C chewed me out about asking people downstairs.  So today, the people from downstairs buzzed the one I work with and asked them if they wanted anything.  Did they bother to buzz me? Noooooo.  I didn't let it affect me though. Just kept right on working.  They'll get what's there's I keep telling myself that.  I just hope it'll be soon.  Then they'll realize the errors of there ways and just go ahead and ask me instead of me asking them all the damn time since I get left out.  So I just leave lunch out of the talk for now. And see if they catch on. If not they're thickheaded bunch that wants to stick to there own little clique and not include the temp girl.

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