Nicola GothicSpook (gothic_spook) wrote in __soundoff__,
Nicola GothicSpook

Friend troubles!

This is the situation with this girl.

At the end of year 11 we had a group of friends of about 5 girls, me, A, L, R and B. B left for College while the rest of us stayed on at 6th form. After an argument I broke off my friendship with R but am now on speaking terms with her again. After MANY arguments and an incidident which was (yes I admit this) my fault (even though my MANY apologies were never accepted) my friendship ended with B. All of the others are still friends with B which I'm happy about cause I dont want people to choose. And then at A's bday party I left my hatred of B at home and was very nice to her so as not to cause awquardnes (sp?) between any of us at this party and then I was called a "Back stabbing" "Two faced Bitch" purely for being nice at my best friends birthday party. So I have an even deeper hatred of B. L is her best friend which is fine, them two were always close, but now L is ditching the rest of us to hang out with B ALL THE TIME!

Both are just as fucking miserable as the other. B is depressed about ... EVERYTHING. And L is becoming exactly the same. L didnt even come to my 18th bday party purely because she didnt want to be around a boy who came. She lied to me and said "she didnt have any money", which if was true I would have paid for her as she was one of my closest friend and so wanted her to be there but as I was the last to know out of everyone that she wasnt coming and she lied about the reason, I didnt. And then when I had my bday movie fest with A, L and C. She spent the WHOLE time texting B. Didnt even sing me happy birthday with the others when we got out the cake. She says she cant come places with us because she has no money and yet she has enough money to go to London EVERY weekend to spend with B. And now she's not coming on holiday with us because she "doesnt want to spend her Dads money any more" even though she's to lazy to get a job and still spends her dads money to see Bethany. She says she spends all her time doing school work ... not true, she spends all her time on the internet talking to B about how depressed both of them are.

She's worried she's losing us as friends and she doesnt understand that she's pushing us away by not talking, not coming out with us and even missing birthdays because she's so depressed.

I havent been out with her socially in about a year purely because she thinks that she has to invite B everywhere and that me and B cant be in the same room when in fact I would be the nicest erson to her unlest she said somthing horrible to my face and did something horrible.

Both of them need to get it together and get happy!
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