Andy (mechastriesand) wrote in __soundoff__,

'ya see rach, im an actor'

So i got myself a new toy, well several actually, i got myself a pair of nunchaku which are fun/deadly/bloody sore in equal measure, will need a lot of practice b4 i can call myself a true ninja master! i also got this little thing called a cyclone, which is a three bladed throwing star type device, its pointless, impractical, cant be thrown without injuring ureself and i have no reason for owning it, but its sooooo pretty!

So aberdeen rock dont they?

and the hibs.

(and clyde did well too just to be diplomatic)

I shall be dining out with young miss mcintyre this evening, a trip to le jimmy for shits and giggles (and defo a choccy fudge cake!)

Work is ok this week, yesterday dragged in like you wouldnt believe but 2day is a bit better since claire and i are giving each other fake interviews for jobs that dont exist!(nanny for claires non-existent child, airhostess on my private jet, you get the idea)

So heres a pickle for ya? anyone know a sure fire way if a girl is teasing you or is trying to instigate something a bit, shall we say, dirty? any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Dont ye hate it when ppl tell ya a bare faced lie which could NEVER be true but persevere anyway!? a freind of mine was only the other night regailing us of his days as an amateur boxer, obviously forgetting that certain ppl in the room had known him since primary 1 and knew hed never taken up such a thing! all in the aim of impressing a young lady who was tottaly drunk and not even aware of what he was saying, but still, it really grinds my gears!

toodles peeps!
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