Bishop Sanctimonious the Hypocritical (alex_antonin) wrote in __soundoff__,
Bishop Sanctimonious the Hypocritical

People with poor work ethics

Monday is our one of our busiest days where I work, because the senior citizens with players club cards get their meals at half price... and it's a buffet. What really pisses me the fuck off is when people call in "sick" on that day, especially during the PM shift. It's a fucking pattern, I tell you! I can't count how many times I have had to work a goddamned 12 hour shift because some asswipe has some excuse or other for not coming in on Monday nights. I'm just glad I had plans this last Monday night, and so had to decline when another asshole called in "sick."

Then someone had the three days requested off, about a week after they'd gotten back from a two-week long vacation! Oh boy, I would've loved to hear the excuse she gave the boss on that one, because I can't imagine anything that could justify them needing that time off right after a vacation... I can't fucking believe the boss allowed it!

I just don't fucking understand people whose work ethic sucks. Here's a hint, people: if you don't like the job, either buck up and tolerate it or quit. But don't fail to show up because you're allergic to hard work! I've been working here for seven months or more, and I've been sick one day. One single day. Out of seven months. Killer fucking migraine did it. Also, in that entire time, I haven't requested off a single day. I have rarely had reason to complain about the schedule, either. Fuck, I didn't even request my BIRTHDAY off!
You think I LIKE work? Fuck no! I like the place itself, but I am a lowly fucking bus boy. Twenty-three years old and bussing tables at a buffet. This job is an insult to my intelligence and I only work it because Bush has driven this country's economy into the fucking ground, and because Wal-Mart has trampled the local economy into the mud. I am probably the best worker anyone will ever find, because I always give 250% of my ability and effort without complaint. I am always on time, usually early. I am competent and capable, and this is the first place in a long time that appreciates me, which is why I have not quit despite the job itself sucking hot donkey dung! Words cannot describe the intense loathing and stress my job induces in me! I have to meditate after work just to calm down! Given my 'druthers, I'd rather spend all my time at home writing. But I live in the real world.

In short, if you're not going to bother to show up to work, if you're not going to bother giving your all in your work, then just do us all (and yourself) a favor and quit. Because we'd rather get rid of you so we can find someone who WILL work well... if you're not giving your all at work, you're just slowing us down.

With utmost sincerity,
---Alexander Antonin Arts
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