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Got to rant before I lose my mind!!!

Hope you all don't mind but I had to get this off my chest! Its driving me crazy!

Ok here's the whole situation. Its family.  And I'm caught in the middle as usual. *grumbles*  Aunt gets snappy at my mom for her asking about a painting that belonged to my mom first when she was at least 4 years old and she was a baby.  Grandma gives aunt the picture (Which starts the whole mess) without realizing what she's started.  Aunt doesn't apologize to mom for raising her voice. Instead she twists the conversation around to her friends making it look like mom is the bad guy.  Now sister is involved and she's upset at mom and me. I'm upset with her.  So I'm not talking to her for awhile until she cools down. *Takes after dad*
Niece is upset with mom just because she told her to cancel the picture but she also told her stuff that went on between her and aunt.  Sister needs a good swift kick in the butt.  Ok I feel better now.  Wish I was an only child.
elizabeth, norrington

new to community!

  New to the community! I was surprised to find a lj just for rants! Cool! Well I got a doosie for ya.
Ok, sometimes I take my lunch to work. And then I change my mind about not wanting to eat it and ask what the others were doing for lunch. Well some people got offended. Let's say A and B and then C chewed me out about asking people downstairs.  So today, the people from downstairs buzzed the one I work with and asked them if they wanted anything.  Did they bother to buzz me? Noooooo.  I didn't let it affect me though. Just kept right on working.  They'll get what's there's I keep telling myself that.  I just hope it'll be soon.  Then they'll realize the errors of there ways and just go ahead and ask me instead of me asking them all the damn time since I get left out.  So I just leave lunch out of the talk for now. And see if they catch on. If not they're thickheaded bunch that wants to stick to there own little clique and not include the temp girl.

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'feelings, such strong feelings'

'he has a twinkie in the city!'

So i was on xbox live last night playin PGR3 and went into a lobby to start racing, the lobby was being run by a southern english man and his friend, both of whom were talking about the racing as if it were real, they were ribbing one another for things such as double clutching which is very hard to do in agame which does not provide a clutch facility but i digress, the real nugget of comedy gold in this whole display of unrelenting online machismo was when one of the chaps took a tight corner rather well which then caused his compadre to exclaim 'fashizzel my nizzel'.

i dont believe ppl actually talk like that outside of an ali g writers meeting.

Friend troubles!

This is the situation with this girl.

At the end of year 11 we had a group of friends of about 5 girls, me, A, L, R and B. B left for College while the rest of us stayed on at 6th form. After an argument I broke off my friendship with R but am now on speaking terms with her again. After MANY arguments and an incidident which was (yes I admit this) my fault (even though my MANY apologies were never accepted) my friendship ended with B. All of the others are still friends with B which I'm happy about cause I dont want people to choose. And then at A's bday party I left my hatred of B at home and was very nice to her so as not to cause awquardnes (sp?) between any of us at this party and then I was called a "Back stabbing" "Two faced Bitch" purely for being nice at my best friends birthday party. So I have an even deeper hatred of B. L is her best friend which is fine, them two were always close, but now L is ditching the rest of us to hang out with B ALL THE TIME!

Both are just as fucking miserable as the other. B is depressed about ... EVERYTHING. And L is becoming exactly the same. L didnt even come to my 18th bday party purely because she didnt want to be around a boy who came. She lied to me and said "she didnt have any money", which if was true I would have paid for her as she was one of my closest friend and so wanted her to be there but as I was the last to know out of everyone that she wasnt coming and she lied about the reason, I didnt. And then when I had my bday movie fest with A, L and C. She spent the WHOLE time texting B. Didnt even sing me happy birthday with the others when we got out the cake. She says she cant come places with us because she has no money and yet she has enough money to go to London EVERY weekend to spend with B. And now she's not coming on holiday with us because she "doesnt want to spend her Dads money any more" even though she's to lazy to get a job and still spends her dads money to see Bethany. She says she spends all her time doing school work ... not true, she spends all her time on the internet talking to B about how depressed both of them are.

She's worried she's losing us as friends and she doesnt understand that she's pushing us away by not talking, not coming out with us and even missing birthdays because she's so depressed.

I havent been out with her socially in about a year purely because she thinks that she has to invite B everywhere and that me and B cant be in the same room when in fact I would be the nicest erson to her unlest she said somthing horrible to my face and did something horrible.

Both of them need to get it together and get happy!
stewie griffin

ass paper

So heres a good one for ya? why do ppl seem to think that im the one that can be shat on? I wonder how many conversations have ended with 'och, its only andy'. more than i would like to think i reckon. honestly i dont know why, i try and be as nice to ppl as i truly can, sometimes to the point where i can be annoying, yet somehow, im the first one thats used as makeshift toilet paper.

What exactly is it that im doing wrong? ive given this a lot of thought over the last few hours and i struggle to come up with an answer that satisfies me. The closest one to that is that im not as good a friend/chum/pal as i thought i was, merely the one that tags along and no one has the heart to tell to F off, like the dog u just cant take to the vet. I mean you dont treat the ppl u truly count as friends badly, you may upset them or inadvertantly be ignorant towards them, but you attone for this or show some sort of sincere regret so i must be one crap mate.

I am aware that i sound both petty and callow with all this shite but if i had to sit another minute without releasing some frustration then i may have did something silly.

anyone who knows me from many moons ago will know of my hatred for lying, because of sum1 from my past. There are types of lying i can understand and tolerate, but lying to dig ureself out of shit and in doing so makin sum1 else look like the culprit, THAT I HATE. Lying to hurt others, THAT I HATE and lastly lying for no reason other than youre afraid that the truth might hurt more, THAT I REALLY HATE.

no one has ever seen me get angry, simply beacuse i never have, but i have been angry at times and i bottled it up, too afraid to say what i thought incase i hurt anyone or ppl thot less of me and id like to say that will change, but i know it wont and thats for the best. but this entry has helped a little so i thank you/pity you for sitting thru my incessant whining and hope its just looked on as an outburst that will be forgotten.
stewie griffin

'ya see rach, im an actor'

So i got myself a new toy, well several actually, i got myself a pair of nunchaku which are fun/deadly/bloody sore in equal measure, will need a lot of practice b4 i can call myself a true ninja master! i also got this little thing called a cyclone, which is a three bladed throwing star type device, its pointless, impractical, cant be thrown without injuring ureself and i have no reason for owning it, but its sooooo pretty!

So aberdeen rock dont they?

and the hibs.

(and clyde did well too just to be diplomatic)

I shall be dining out with young miss mcintyre this evening, a trip to le jimmy for shits and giggles (and defo a choccy fudge cake!)

Work is ok this week, yesterday dragged in like you wouldnt believe but 2day is a bit better since claire and i are giving each other fake interviews for jobs that dont exist!(nanny for claires non-existent child, airhostess on my private jet, you get the idea)

So heres a pickle for ya? anyone know a sure fire way if a girl is teasing you or is trying to instigate something a bit, shall we say, dirty? any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Dont ye hate it when ppl tell ya a bare faced lie which could NEVER be true but persevere anyway!? a freind of mine was only the other night regailing us of his days as an amateur boxer, obviously forgetting that certain ppl in the room had known him since primary 1 and knew hed never taken up such a thing! all in the aim of impressing a young lady who was tottaly drunk and not even aware of what he was saying, but still, it really grinds my gears!

toodles peeps!
TST Antifascist

People with poor work ethics

Monday is our one of our busiest days where I work, because the senior citizens with players club cards get their meals at half price... and it's a buffet. What really pisses me the fuck off is when people call in "sick" on that day, especially during the PM shift. It's a fucking pattern, I tell you! I can't count how many times I have had to work a goddamned 12 hour shift because some asswipe has some excuse or other for not coming in on Monday nights. I'm just glad I had plans this last Monday night, and so had to decline when another asshole called in "sick."

Then someone had the three days requested off, about a week after they'd gotten back from a two-week long vacation! Oh boy, I would've loved to hear the excuse she gave the boss on that one, because I can't imagine anything that could justify them needing that time off right after a vacation... I can't fucking believe the boss allowed it!

I just don't fucking understand people whose work ethic sucks. Here's a hint, people: if you don't like the job, either buck up and tolerate it or quit. But don't fail to show up because you're allergic to hard work! I've been working here for seven months or more, and I've been sick one day. One single day. Out of seven months. Killer fucking migraine did it. Also, in that entire time, I haven't requested off a single day. I have rarely had reason to complain about the schedule, either. Fuck, I didn't even request my BIRTHDAY off!
You think I LIKE work? Fuck no! I like the place itself, but I am a lowly fucking bus boy. Twenty-three years old and bussing tables at a buffet. This job is an insult to my intelligence and I only work it because Bush has driven this country's economy into the fucking ground, and because Wal-Mart has trampled the local economy into the mud. I am probably the best worker anyone will ever find, because I always give 250% of my ability and effort without complaint. I am always on time, usually early. I am competent and capable, and this is the first place in a long time that appreciates me, which is why I have not quit despite the job itself sucking hot donkey dung! Words cannot describe the intense loathing and stress my job induces in me! I have to meditate after work just to calm down! Given my 'druthers, I'd rather spend all my time at home writing. But I live in the real world.

In short, if you're not going to bother to show up to work, if you're not going to bother giving your all in your work, then just do us all (and yourself) a favor and quit. Because we'd rather get rid of you so we can find someone who WILL work well... if you're not giving your all at work, you're just slowing us down.

With utmost sincerity,
---Alexander Antonin Arts
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Kill him.

I don't care if he can't do anything about it, I don't care that he doesn't feel good doing it...but if he doesn't stop clearing his fucking stupid throat damn soon, I am going to carve that pig-fucker a trach hole with a blunt spork, listening to his bloodied cries of agony as if they were fine music. And then, I will make him fucking EAT the chunk.

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