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We are currently looking to make this community MORE active....we're looking for an enthusiastic person with time to dedicate toward helping this community get off the ground. Think you may be the one? Apply, get accepted into the community and then we'll talk!!!!!!!!!

This is a community made for people who are in long-term, committed, adult relationships. This means 18+ members only (there may be some exceptions in cases of mature individuals under the age of 18). If you feel this is you--please contact one of the mods for consideration.
This community is meant to be a place where members can feel safe to come and discuss issues that pertain to their relationships. Couples that are dealing with special circumstances (i.e. long distance, military, etc...) are especially welcome. There will be monthly themes (for stories and/or pictures), contests, scavenger hunts, and occasionally some trivia. This community is a members only community in order to ensure that only people truly interested in this type of community are present.


I'm Amanda and I'm 26 years old. My husband is Andrew and he's in the Army. We were married on October 30, 2004 and are going on 5 years together. We have dealt with military issues, temporary long distance issues (due to military training) and currently infertility. We've had our share of problems over the years but have always been able to surpass them. He's not only my husband but he's my best friend and without a doubt, my soul mate.

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Hello I’m Dana ::waves::

I’m 25 years old, and I am blissfully married to Anthony (a.k.a. “Dar”) who is 27 and in the USAF. We were married on June 6th, 2005 and have been together since April 3rd, 2003. I am very proud of my husband and all he has sacrificed to ensure that we have a good solid future. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, but I can confidently say without a doubt that he is not just my husband, but my hero, my best friend and most importantly, my soulmate…

Please join the community (link above). Once your temporary membership has been approved, you'll be granted posting access. Once that occurs, please copy and paste the following application, with your answers, into a post. Read the rules (below) before doing this. You will have a total of 48 hours to post your application after you've been allowed posting access. If you do not post an application within this amount of time, you will be kicked out of the community. You will be able to start the process again after a period of 14 days. If you fail to apply again, you will not be allowed to reapply.

~This is an honest yet friendly community...do not be rude to members just because you may not like what they have to say. We are all adults and must handle ourselves as such. Stand your ground, but don’t be rude or immature for no reason or your application will become void and you will be banned.
~Do not post anywhere else in the community other than your application until you have been stamped.
~Your application must be posted as friends only.
~Please put under an lj-cut. (if you are unsure how to do one, please feel free to ask one of the mods) LJ cut text should include your name and your SO's name.
~In the title of the post put "application" as well as a line from your favorite love song.
~To ensure that you have read the rules, please answer “yuppers” when the application asks if you have read the rules.
~All applications will be closed when 20 votes or 1 week has passed-whichever comes first.
~Though mods are NOT "gods", during this process we can close a vote immediately. We are entitled to decline or accept a member without 20 votes/1 week occurring.
~If you are going to comment after someone has voted--remove the subject line of your comment. It becomes confusing if you do not. This will be enforced.
~Please don’t rush through your application. Although it is not necessary to write a novel, the more effort you put forth, the more it shows us how much your soulmate means to you.
~If you are having any specific problem with another member, contact one of the mods immediately.
~Good Luck!

~Be sure you know the rules for applicants, so you can vote appropriately if they have not followed their set of rules.
~The mods are not god...members' suggestions will be taken into consideration
~Do not be rude to applicants or other members simply because you are having a bad day.
~Respect other members
~If you are going to comment after your original vote--remove your decision from the title line of your comment. It becomes confusing if you do not. This will be enforced.
~All entries are to be posted as friends only!
~Members are asked to be active. Though it's unnecessary to post everyday, please post/comment at least once a month. The more active the community, the better! :)
~Posts pertaining to relationships (any aspect) will be allowed. Topics include but are not limited to: disagreements/problems, advice needed, sex, etc...
~members are asked to vote on new applications. Vote yes, no, or convince me. If you vote no, please let the applicant know why. DO NOT judge applicants STRICTLY on their appearance! If we see this happening your vote will not be counted.
~If you are having any specific problem with another member, contact one of the mods immediately.
~If you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, etc...contact one of the mods.
~Have Fun!

Promoting other Communities
~As far as promoting goes, ask the mods and they will decide if promoting another community is ok (each individual circumstance will need to be evaluated).
~If you are promoting another community here, after it is approved by one of the co-mods, then you MUST promote this community there.


Feel free to promote--the more promotion, the more members we'll get!


















to xonikkyox for the fantastic layout of this community!!!
We appreciate it :)

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