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The Sorting Hat

Sorting like never before!

Get Sorted Today!
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All Members , Moderated
» the community.

Welcome to the __sortinghat!

This is a moderated sorting community. If your application doesn't show up right away, it's because only about five applications are posted per day. However, you will only have to wait a maximum of four days for your application to be posted. Also, please remember to elaborate on your application or, more than likely, you will get Squibbed.

» the rules.

» Please elaborate your answers. This means a paragraph at least for each question. If you only answer with one sentence or a few words, it doesn't tell us anything about your personality and you will therefore be sorted incorrectly, or the Mod will just reject your application completely.
  • If you fail to elaborate in your application, and three members dub you a Squib, you will have to apply again.
  • Do not tweak your answers to get into a certain house. If three or more members think you are pushing to get into a certain house and officially dub you a Muggle, you are banned from the community and aren't allowed to re-submit your application.

» You may start sorting others after you have been sorted.
» When posting an application, be sure to put the word Loony somewhere in the subject so we know that you have read these rules.
» Those sorted are encouraged to post things pertaining to the Harry Potter world.
» The Mods have the right to expel students who are repeating offenders.
» After your application has at least 5 votes, the Headmistress will stamp you, and you will officially become a part of the community.
» Members are welcome to promote/"pimp" communities, as long as they are Harry Potter related.
» All relevant graphics are to be posted in __graphixhat, the graphics community specifically designed for this community.
» No deleting applications/comments or screening comments. You will be automatically dubbed a Muggle.
» No conversations in comments. It's hard enough trying to tally the votes, we don't need 5000 other comments that have nothing to do with voting.
» YOU MUST JOIN THE COMMUNITY IN ORDER FOR US TO ACCEPT YOUR ENTRY. If you submit an application and do not join the community, we will, quite literally, not be able to accept your application. Please join the community if you don't want your app to be sitting in the moderation queue for the rest of your life.

Have any questions? If so, please read the community FAQs first!

» the mods.

Headmistress [Mod]: ohmygiddyaunt [Gryffindor]
Deputy Headmistress [Co-Mod]: cinnamon_digory [Hufflepuff]
Point Counter at __graphixhat: katexior [Slytherin]
Founder: phieryphoenix [Gryffindor]

Head of House: __c0ld_static_x
Prefect: -
Common Room: gryff_commons
House Pride Banners/Icons: Gryffindor
Points: 117

Head of House: x_drum_me_up_x
Prefect: -
Common Room: loyalpuffs
House Pride Banners/Icons: Hufflepuff
Points: 79

Head of House: retroreflection
Prefects: _endlessdreams
Common Room: cleverraven
House Pride Banners/Icons: Ravenclaw
Points: 156

Head of House: thepoptartqueen
Prefect: -
Common Room: slytherinrealm
House Pride Banners/Icons: Slytherin
Points: 81
» the apps.

Just copy and paste into an entry.
Remember to explain in as much detail as possible
on all questions.

» affiliates, etc.

claim_first :: hpicon_request :: hogwarts_elite :: sinful_ :: cedric_fic :: simming_harry

Want to become an affiliate? Contact the Headmistress, ohmygiddyaunt.

You can view all of our house banners at this entry. Our layout was made by damnicons. Thank you very much, and have a nice day.