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[1] Name: Kathryn
[2] Age: 19
[3] Location: La Jolla, CA
[4] Sexual Preference: bisexual
[5] Relationship Status: spoken for

[1] color: purple
[2] show: The Fabulous Life Of...
[3] band/group: AFI, HIM, Gym Class Heroes
[4] singer: Shakira
[5] movie: Fight Club
[6] song: "Learn to Fly" Foo Fighters
[7] food: Apples
[8] store: Tiffany& Co.
[9] designer: Roberto Cavalli
[10] vacation spot: St. Barts Croix, or Southampton, NY

[1] What would you say is your best quality? I'm out-going and pretty much fearless.
[2] What is your best physical feature? My height. I'm 5'10"
[3] Who is your role model and why? Angelina Jolie. I love her "Live Freaky. Die Freaky" outlook on things, and she also gives back enormously.
[4] Who is your worst enemy and why? This girl Christy. I had my 19th birthday at the Beverly Hills Hilton and she crashed it. She got thrown out but it pissed me off so much.
[5] What is the one thing you can't live without? My photo iPod.
[6] Pick someone famous and insult them. Lindsay Lohan's eyebrows look like they're attacking her face. And if you've seen her in person she is U-G-L-Y.
[7] Who is your favorite celebrity? Paris Hilton.
[8] Why do you want to be a Socialite? I already am :] In La Jolla, you pretty much have to be one. I love partying, and I have no regrets.

Your Opinion On
[1] Violence in the Media- It's harmful, in Canada, there's something like 30 deaths a year due to murder and I think that has to have something to do with the fact that they don't show any violence on their T.V.
[2] The Death Penalty- I'm for it, but I think it should only be used for serial killers and someone who commits crimes against children.
[3] Lindsay Lohan- She's ganky. She seems like she's trying to be more and more like Paris and it is definatly not working out for her.
[4] Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen- My friend went to highschool with them and said they were coked out all the time. I'm not really fond of them. I guess if I had to place a reason I couldn't really, they just annoy me.

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