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[1] Name: Christy
[2] Age: 17
[3] Location: Prospect, KY by way of Chicago
[4] Sexual Preference: That of the masculine variety ( How else would I score some left hand ice?)
[5] Relationship Status: Single

[1] color: Black, its so elegant
[2] show: One Tree Hill ( I love Brooke)
[3] band/group: East 146 (new local band with a yummy drummer), Killers
[4] singer: Girl- Christina or Kelly simply because I wish I could hit those notes, Guy- Gavin (he’s grown on me, I admit)
[5] movie: Cruel Intentions, Breakfast At Tiffanys
[6] song: The Way You Look Tonight
[7] food: Mmmm this Salmon dish from Whole Foods- it’s a salmon roll filled with feta, pine nuts and spinach. OMG orgasm on a plate.
[8] store: The Mustard Seed, Clodhoppers (local boutiques)
[9] designer: Chanel- timeless
[10] vacation spot: Hamptons and Aspen ( Skiing is a multipurpose vacation- you have fun AND workout at the same time!)

[1] What would you say is your best quality? My bubbly personality. If someone doesn’t like me initially, I change their mind simply by telling them enough times, “I’m cute, you love me” and then smiling pretty. Works like a charm- people don’t expect that level of vanity.
[2] What is your best physical feature? People say my eyes, but I love my shoulders
[3] Who is your role model and why? Audrey Hepburn- demonstrating class and tact all the while being graceful and beautiful is something one should always strive to do
[4] Who is your worst enemy and why? Anyone who is insecure and tries too hard to fit in. If you can’t accept yourself, why should I accept you?
[5] What is the one thing you can't live without? My ipod, if someone is pissing me off, I can tune them out. Or my cell phone, contact is key to life.
[6] Pick someone famous and insult them. Hillary Duff. That’s the Joke.
[7] Who is your favorite celebrity? Kirsten Dunst. Pulling off understated beauty is admirable.
[8] Why do you want to be a Socialite? Its simply embracing who I am.

Your Opinion On
[1] Violence in the Media- I have no taste for it. I prefer things that are on the happy go lucky side of life. However, I feel it is within our rights as Americans to have freedom of press and media.
[2] The Death Penalty- Fate shouldn’t be in the hands of a guard named Bubba.
[3] Lindsay Lohan- Tries too hard
[4] Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen- Captivating

Post 3 clear pictures of yourself

Will do in the AM…I have 3 graduation parties tomorrow (a brunch in like 8 hours) so I’m getting a slip of beauty rest.



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