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nyc exclusivity [30 Nov 2005|09:22pm]

does anyone else love following socialites? I recently read a whole book on this girl who is thrown into the socialite scene in NYC. It was called Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger. It was a pretty good book and something I could totally relate to,living in NYC. anyone else read it? let's disscuss it.

[05 Jul 2005|09:02pm]

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I know you're all probably thinking...*gag* rpg! But it's serious fun! Just give it a chance.

seaton_arms is a pb based roleplaying game that focuses on one of the most elite schools that feature New York's finest. Where catfights, hook ups, and stoli are featured and where having last season's Manolo Blahniks is a felony. Think you can make it? Apply today!

[15 Oct 2004|05:24pm]

am i a socialite?Collapse )

first entry :) [07 Aug 2004|03:10pm]

yay! first entry, gotta love those. :) pretty layout, made by me. anyone is welcomed to join and submit the application! no rudenes whatsoever.<3


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