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The Soapbox

Go ahead. Bitch about it.

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Soapbox; ranting for the forum deprived.
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There are good days, there are bad days, and there are the days that make you want to tear your hair out and shriek. That last kind of day is what this community is for.

Your lovely mod unfabulous_me

1) Swear all you want. If you don't like swearing, go someplace else to bitch.
2) This is for rants, preachiness, whatever you want, about whatever you feel like. However, there are some things that won't be tolerated; those things are racism, sexism, and flaming. None of those are cool.
3) Try not to be horribly offensive. Anything you say could theoretically offend someone, but use common sense - don't cross the line.
4) You know that whole "names changed to protect the innocent" thing? Yeah. Use it. Abbreviate to initials, use nicknames, change names entirely, whatever.
5) You can be preachy. But don't come running to me if people get annoyed.
6) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't edit your text to be all the colors of the rainbow. It's annoying. Plain default text works just fine.
7) No porn. And I mean none. You can rant about bad sex or something, but don't get graphic.
8)Do not reply to flamers. I'll handle it.

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