Geoffrey (ex_abominab) wrote in __soapbox,

my vagina is so scratched up because i screwed a mathematic compass with my gurlfrendz

There are so many lying, k-niving, egotastic, and gossiping whores. Sluts make me so angry, and it makes me even more pissed that if a slut was to pin me to the ground, I wouldn't have the moral strength to resist. The only goddamned reason that I didn't submit to the last slut I happened to be near is because she kept giggling in a really creepy way when she started to feel me up. Hell, that made me bolt out of the goddamned room. </shit>

Well, I don't mind PDA if I know it's true and from the heart. But there are certain people that I can't, nor ever will, take seriously on any level. If someone switches from partner to partner every fucking week, it bothers me. It's pathetic that people can't keep their pants zipped for a week.

Sometimes I go to the MySpace of random whores and stare at them. It's more of a gawk, but whatever. I look at her photos and setup and comments and just think, "How can that bitch be so blatently narcissistic?" The flashing lights and little PlayBoy bunnies are pieces of shit. I love Hugh more than anything, but you treat those logos like oxygen. It makes me want to suffocate you.

Their pictures are always like..."OMG LUK @ MUH HAIR ALL MESSI CUZ I JUST HAD $ECKZ!" or ";) look at my pouty face. isn't it hardcore?"

You know what's a pouty face? THIS is a pouty face. The only way you'll achieve that is when you get AIDS and die! Die, die die...

Ciao ♥

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