converliz (converliz) wrote in __soapbox,

Alright, so I don't get this whole highschool drama. Why can't people just stop meddling in affairs? Why can't everyone just get along, or not acknowledge each other if they don't like them? OMG I mean, one little thing comes along, and then a whole group of people is divided simply because of a problem that doesn't concern half of them! So now, a whole goddamned group is spilt because of opinions, and irritated thoughts. Jeez, just stop it! All of you!! You're acting like snots, little snots. Leave each other alone, calling people cuntrags, calling people bitches, ignorant. People feel because they feel, stop questioning it!! NOT EVERYONE THINKS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. DEAL WITH THAT, ACCEPT IT, AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE, OKAY THANKS LEAVE. Omg, people I used to think at least were somewhat nice, now are stained in my mind because of how they all ganged up on one person. And then, when you stay as a medium, it is SO hard!! And now, people are gonna have problems with their "posse members" hanging with the "enemy". Oh. My. God. FUCK OFF. Learn that this whole pack thing in life will not alays work. Learn this!! Whatever happened to that "crazy" idea called all you need is love!? It's true! If we all loved each other and not in that OMG I LOVE YOU WANNA MARRY YOU BIT (which is also a bullshit manner sometimes)but in the I care about you and love to talk with you and hang with you and am glad you are friends sort of thing. But, no We, the human race (THIS INCLUDES ALL) have to find something wrong with someone else, a fight to pick, a flaw to harp on. Well you know what? WE ALL HAVE FLAWS. So, before you pick on someone else's, realize that you have flas too. They could be bigger, smaller, or equal to someone else's. But we all have them. No one is perfect, so stop expecting them to be everything you want them to be. They can't, they can't. No one is capable of being EVERYTHING as a friend, as alover, as ANYTHING. There's always going to be something that someone doesn't like about you. Deal with it. Oh My. God.

Rant Over.

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