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The Soapbox -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Soapbox; ranting for the forum deprived.

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What you feel is what you are-- [29 Apr 2010|04:48pm]
"i love your ..."

Every day, we are beset by images of what our bodies are supposed to look like. Some people can naturally obtain that--more power to them. Some people can't. But everyone, no matter who they are, has something that others are drawn to and find beautiful.

This meme is for anyone who's ever felt insecure in their appearance. You are amazing and gorgeous and lovely. Let us tell you why, and what is the special thing that endears you to us.

The How To:
1) Comment with your username.
2) Friends will reply with something they find beautiful about you. Eyes, lips, laugh, that dimple on your left buttcheek, whatever. (Just don't cop out and say, "personality." =P)
3) Pimp your thread and spread the love!

No drama, please.

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