To respond to everyone's comments;

I'm not shutting it down because of all the bitches in here persay, but because the purpose of a rating community is just horrible. To reject people because they're ugly? Come on girls & boys, we're so much better than that. It's unclassy of everyone, and just disgusting.

Someone gave the idea of passing it on, and if I passed it on I would ask pure_xtc to do it because she was the first applicant and I love her to death but like, this was my community and I don't really want anyone else to take over. I know that sounds so selfish but whatever.

I'll reconsider, so if you really want to stay, then don't leave the community. I'll get back to you within a few days slash weeks. Maybe I just need a break from all of this livejournal shit.

Mod //

This community is now...


Sorry everyone.
I don't like the idea of rating communities anymore.
It serves no purpose, and it just promotes bitchiness.
Good luck in the future everyone, peace bro.
Love Always<3 Lauren



What the fuck do you think gives you the right to disrespect people like you did to some of these applicants. You said shit to one girl she deleted her application because you made her feel so bad. Are you serious?

Yeah this is a rating community and that's what the communites are about...rating people. But you don't have to be fucking mean about it. And it disgusts me to think that I mod a community like this. When I started this, I wanted each member to be a great person, and to say something to a girl that made her delete her app, thats fucking wrong. I left a comment on her journal apologizing to her, and I didn't even fucking say anything mean to her. It disgusts me that I had to do that. I cannot believe this. It's disgusting that you people can be so mean to girls you don't even know. What the fuck is that shit.

Some of you may think I'm taking this way to seriously, but girls come on. If you say this shit to girls you don't even know, I can't even imagine what you would say to girls you actually know. Stop being bitches. It won't get you anywhere in life.

On another hand, I updated the member page, tell me if I missed you. Hope your weekend was good, because mine was great. <33333