putthepastaway (putthepastaway) wrote in __so_effingcool,

here we go.

shealyn sabey thomson
age] 16
location] thornton, NH
marital status] single
sexuality] straight

thursday, silverstein, underoath, mars volta, norma jean, senses fail, atreyu, fftl, armor for sleep, co& ca
6+Movies] willy wonka, the goonies, edward scissorhands, fast times at ridgemont high, nightmare before x-mas, slcpunk,brave little toasteer
3+Books] harry potter, the hungry caterpillar, gossip girl, rainbow boys
2+ TV Shows] jimmy neutron, fairly oddparents, that 70's show, family guy, futurama

douchebag is a good word.
Color] purple
Smell] vanilla berry. i had a candle that smelt like it once, yum.
Store] marshalls
Magazine] rolling stone?
Cereal] lucky charms
Feeling] when you're in the perfect place and you never want to leave. when you don't care about making a fool about yourself because you're so happy.
CD] that's not fair
Song] you're beautiful
Quote] "that was random"

5 words that are YOU]
Shealyn, Sabey, Thomson, little, random,
10 things that complete you] crayons, computer, camera, guitar, snowboard, accessories, friends, sega, music, hugs
Favorite quote] well lyric- you never meant to hurt me? then what did you do it for?
How do you like the mod?] lyke best friends 4 lyfe
Show us a picture of something you LOVE more than life]

Why should we like you?]
you already do. and I guess because I like you, and there's no reason you shouldn't
How did you find us?!?!?!] hayley bailey added me. for me. hah
Promote in 2 places] kay.
3+ Pictures]
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