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Sarah Michelle Gellar

[[ isn't she lovely ]]

For Fans Of Beautiful Sarah Michelle Gellar
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All Members , Moderated

This community is about Sarah Michelle Gellar. There are alot of other communitys about her, but I decided to make a new, fun one. You don't need an application for this community, and I don't rate you on your looks and tell you if you can join. If you're new and would like to introduce yourself, you can, but if you don't want too, it's fine by me. Or if you're going away on a vacation, you can say you're going away for a while. Remember though, this is Sarah related. If you promote your community here without my permission, you'll get banned. And I'd hate to do it, but follow the rules.

++; Anyone is allowed here, but if you're under the age of 10, you can't join.
++; Be respectful to others in this community.
++; You can only talk about Sarah here, maybe even her husband.
++; If you come here and bash Sarah, you will be banned.
++; You can post pictures of her here.
++; If you have any spoilers, please put it under a LJ cut ((code will be written soon))
++; Do not promote your community here. Ask before you do, if you promote your community without permission, you'll be banned
++; If you've made any Buffy videos that you'd like to share, go ahead!
++; Have fun!

xxitsmylifexx (use to be unspokenwordsxx)

Name: Shannon
Age: 15
Favorite SMG movie: Cruel Intentions
(( Sorry, i'm going to be the only Mod for this community ))