GiMmE sOmE dRo, PuRpLe HaZe & sOmE cHoCoLaTe //

\\ GiMmE a DuTcH & a LiGhTeR, i'LL sPaRkK sHiT

sLuTtY iTaLiAnSz!!!!!
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this is Lauren & Nicole's community for slutty italians =] we were bored 1 day so we decided to make a community LoL....it sucks but join it if u want!!!! XoOxX <33 THE BEST SLUTS!!!!!

* iNfO aBoUt US *
we're 16
we are Juniors at MHS
we LoOoOoVe to have fun & get drunk n stoned
we love goin to clubs and dancing and hooking up wit random hot guys!!!!
we're hott =]
HiT uS uPp!!! ShOrTiZnDiAmOnDz = NiCoLe ~&~ LyLiTaLiAnBiiTcH = LaUrEn


If you are a member of this community, we don't care what you post whether it be icons, FO banners, layout tips, pictures, advice, questions, comments, whatever. BUT PLEASE POST OFTEN!!!! We also don't care if you ask more personal questions and are looking for support because we believe you should have a community where you can write whatever you want as long as you aren't bashing other members or people and you aren't being really dirty. For example, we don't want to hear about your sex dreams and so on. But, we will post personal things if you ask us to, it can be on pretty much whatever you'd like to know, within reason. We want everyone who joins to feel comfortable in expressing their opinions and thoughts, if you disrespect people you'll be banned from this community and we will report you to LiveJournal. Also, have fun, our name is __slutty_bellas for Christ's sake!!!! Be free, be skanky, be beautiful, follow the rules and HAVE FUN!!!!!